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How do you make decision for your hairstyle?

Do you have favorite hairstyles?

Do you change your hairstyle often or you keep your hairstyle the same most of the time?
I don't really care very much about my hairstyle. I just put in a ponytail to get it out of the way and when the hair gets too long I cut off some of it so that the ponytail gets shorter. I can't say it's my favorite hairstyle but it is good if you don't want to cut the hair very often. Drawbacks are that you get a lot of hair everywhere and you have to use a comb to get it right.
I don't have favorite hair style.
But i like to have hair medium.
my hair is natural wavy...once it will grow will i will cut it not too short...i've tried to let it grow long, it was nice to look but i wore design caps all the time...
I like to cut my hair sometimes. It's really fun to do that, especially from cutting a long hair to a short hair.

Now I have a short haircut. It starts getting a bit longer. I am thinking about to cut it or wait to it gets longer.

Wearing cap is a good idea, maybe I will wear a cap and do a haircut to see how the haircut will be look like.
lovescience wrote:
How do you make decision for your hairstyle?

Do you have favorite hairstyles?

Do you change your hairstyle often or you keep your hairstyle the same most of the time?

I make a decision by asking all my friends what I should do, um-ing and uh-ing at my hairstylist, and then just doing whatever I feel like. It's usually something easy enough to wake up, run a brush through my hair, and be fine, but there's obviously complications. Like once, I got bangs, but then I realized later my hair is too thick and heavy/ my forehead is too narrow, so bangs didn't work since my hair kept sliding over them. But I've digressed. My favorite hairstyle is something easy, effortless, and chic. Long and wavy. I keep my hairstyle the same mostly except for when I cut it for locks of love. Yep.
I like a fixed hairstyle formerly that it is just like long and frizzle kind becos I thought it is very Femininity.So i demand hairdresser to cut it for me every time.

But by the beginning of this year I was persuaded by a young hair stylist to change another one.

He told me former hairstyle is without difference from others and not suitable for me.

According to my qualities and age, he suggested I should to be added "morbidezza","docile" and "beauty".He would transform me by changing my hairstyle.

After changing i feel my image really transformed in people`s eyes,esp,in men`s.

inconceivably, there are always some stranger men smiling to me, or showing their excessive attention to me; or calling me "charming lady" when i am in public places.

What an amazing hairstyle! I become more confidence than before.

Of course, it is very lucky to find a aesthetic and skillful hair stylist for us.

There is a funny story to share with you.

It is about the hair stylist who cut for me.

One of my friend and her friend, a younger girl, together went to cut hair.

The hair stylist who cut for me designed new hair styles for them.

And then they went to a resturant to have dinner.

When they finished and be ready to pay the bill the proprietress told them that their bill have been paid.

Who did that? They looked around but did not find any acquaintances.So asked the proprietress the appearance of the person who food the bill.

the proprietress said the person is a young guy who is very tall wearing a white jacket.He was sit opposite position to their table just now

Oh,My God! Surely it doesn't mean that it is Prince Charming?

It is a real story!

What an amazing hairstyle.

How amazing our hair stylist is!

If you are my friends i will sugguest you to go to try the skill of the hair stylist.
i shave my head during summer hehe
This is something I think about all the time, and I'm a guy. Right now, I style my hair according to how cool-looking I can make it while staying within the realms of what is acceptable in the workplace. It falls in between the lines of outrageous and boring -_-

When I was younger, I'd wear my hair long and cut it myself in styles that were out of the ordinary.
I like hair but i donot know more about it.
When I have relatively long hair, I used to like raising the backside of my hair upwards because it feels good doing that lol.

But now I just go to the barbershop and just say "whatever style you like" or "whichever you think fits me most" to the barber xD
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