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What is your opinion about Will Smith ?

what do you think about him ? his movies
Very talented actor, singer, all around great guy.
He's a multimillionaire actor with a squeaky clean reputation. He is bankable, with 16 movies since 1995 and only one movie losing money. He was the first rapper to win a Grammy and his music is never disrespectful. So to answer your question - my opinion "about" him is favorable. Very Happy
I like his movie I Am Legend.
I think he sings and acts well, he is a great role model for kids and now that his own children are in movies , sometimes with him that proves he a great guy and father..
He is also a great person to his fans and enjoys his family time as well as his fan time, I have never met him but i seen a youtube video of someone greeting him and he was upbeat and proud to be talking to a fan.
Awesome character, dynamic, talented, energetic. "Enemy of the State" with Gene Hackman was one of the best movies for me. Hope we are going to see plenty of these in the future as well.
He looks nice.
I like all of his movies.
One of the Favorite movie is Men in Black.
Decent actor but I don't like any of the movies he's been in.
Will Smith is great. He's an actual role model; he isn't into any of the crap that other rappers and actors get into. My favourite thing he's done is still The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which I think is a show that could come back, with him as someone with a wife and kids and dealing with what the kids do. Sort of a role reversal from the original show.

Independence Day was a good summer movie. I haven't seen much of his other films; I wasn't a fan of Men in Black.
About him: Family man.
The Pursuit of Happyness is one of his best movies.
Excellent actor
Will Smith is a versatile actor. I saw him as the Prince of Bel-air and he has been improving ever since.
He is definitely the best actor I have seen. He was amazing in Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds. He is like the most natural actor.
Unfortunately I haven't seen many films with him and I understand MIB and a bunch of others I've seen can't reflect the whole potential of him. I think I will watch I am Legend to see the other side of Will Smith, something different from all those comedies.
Will Smith...a very interesting question. Back in my teenage years, I only knew him as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince when he was a music artist. I used to listen to his songs back in the day. Then I got to know him as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I used to watch that tv show quite a bit. I watched as he moved up in the world in a movie actor in such films as Bad Boys (1,2), iRobot, Men In Black (1,2,3), I Am Legend, Hancock, Independence Day, and a few more.

As an actor, I'm on the fence. I'd rate him as an above average actor, but probably not one of the elite. He does have talent, but he doesn't have that charisma or strong presence that other actors have like Al Pacino, Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Spacey, and many others have. That ability to attract all the attention when they enter a scene or basically steal the scene from everyone else. He does have his moments, but perhaps I'm only taking in consideration his beginning career. I do agree that he has improved as the years have gone by. He's started to expand his roles from comedy and action into drama and more serious roles.
He is a damn good actor. I do like most of his movies like Independence Day, Bad boys 1 and 2, Men in Black and I robot.
Clearly a talented actor. Whether or not I like a lot of the films he's in is a different question, but it's not because he's not acting those parts well.
Will Smith yeah he is good but he knows he is good.... he an seem little cocky in his films but most of the time it works... honestly I would watch anything with him in it.
Will smith is a best actor. I have seen lots of his movies.
charismatic and lucky guy, his son is following his steps
A great actor. He is one of my favorite Hollywood actors.
Great and Awesome
good actor
Uhm so he's finally back. As a rapper. But I've also read, Men in Black 4 could feature a female lead role, as well the return of Smith.
My only problem with Will Smith is that he thinks he can act.
Myrecords wrote:
My only problem with Will Smith is that he thinks he can act.

I grew up with the fresh prince of bell-air and I loved it.

as far as acting goes, I don't think he's a bad actor. there are better ones out there, but he's allright
Marcuzzo wrote:
Myrecords wrote:
My only problem with Will Smith is that he thinks he can act.

I grew up with the fresh prince of bell-air and I loved it.

as far as acting goes, I don't think he's a bad actor. there are better ones out there, but he's allright
I agree. I really like Will Smith and his acting. He's been in some really great movies I've seen more than once:

Wild wild west (that was an excellent movie)
Enemy of the State (loved this one too - great action movie)
I Robot (he was excellent in this)
Independence Day
I am legend
The pursuit of Happyness (not bad for a drama)
Voice in Shark Tales
Well as far as I know, he does not age. That guy really managed to stop the time I believe.
He is a good actor. And he is famous.
as a rapper... not so much though, the only song I liked was the intro of the Fresh prince
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