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Collecting Erasers

Everyone has his own hobby!! Well, I had my own, too!!

It was to collect different erasers, you know, the designer ones with bright colors. I started when I was just 7 years old, now I have more than 2000 different Erasers!!!

I Selected Erasers beacuse I thought It was Unique and Guiness World Record could be easily achievable!!!
wow...i never thought that there is 1 person who would try to collect erasers....good job man and keep it up...would you show some photos of your erasers that you are collecting? it would be nice and maybe you might encourage somebody to collect different kinds of erasers too... Smile
I agree with him!!! Lol
yeah, where are the photos dude!!! we love it see it by the way......
Hmm interesting ! I knew a guy who collect spoons and also a guy who collect tooth brushes of celebs but never a someone who collect erasers.
Never heard of an eraser collection before. Well done! The only erasers I know off are Staedlers. And they last me a lifetime. Oh yes, then there's that awesome one in GIMP Graphics software.
Very Happy
Wow, that is quite a collection. I had a friend who collected erasers when she was young but grew out of the hobby as she grew older. She collected mainly Sanrio erasers like hello kitty and keroppi. She also collected any other type of cartoon character erasers.

I too, for a short time, had a small collection, but I always ended up using them!

Out of curiosity, is there any type or brand of eraser that you like the most?
Now be honest - how often do your friends troll you by drawing pencil lines all over your home? Razz
Very interesting.. keep it up. I like your hobby. But so sad I don't think I have such an interesting hobby. I am thinking a new and unique as you did..
Heyyyy, I collect erasers too! Actually, all kinds of stationary, especially the really pretty and cute kinds (colorful, smelly, food shaped, you name it.)
Never heard of such a unique hobby collection... and I thought my hobby was unique.
wow! that's quite a collection! i had one, too, when i was young, but i gave it up when i realized, that the erasers became sort of hard and dry after a time, or others became oily and sticky, so they could't be used anymore - so do you do anything to keep your erasers 'fresh', i mean, do you preserve their 'erasability' somehow? you don't keep them in your fridge, do you? Very Happy
That's cool. Collecting things is so varied and the results can be pretty awesome. Good on you.
good job. collecting 2000 different erasers is not an easy job. but i think someone can easily get more than 10.000 erasers if he/she has a lot of money.
have many friends that collect pens and pencils but erasers?! To tell the truth, erasers are more varied & look&smell better. i started collecting stamps in 1984 and have thousands of them now. Even some ottoman stamps are in my collection.
Wow. That's a lot of erasers. You should try to apply at Guiness World Records' website. Who knows? You might even win.
mochipie wrote:
Heyyyy, I collect erasers too! Actually, all kinds of stationary, especially the really pretty and cute kinds (colorful, smelly, food shaped, you name it.)

Same, actually. Well, I used to, at least. I was quite strange as a kid, I am not entirely sure what my attraction to collecting them was. I pretty much just collected junk in general. haha. I also have quite a vast pencil collection (that, I know, I picked up from my sister) and an envelope collection, strangely enough. *sigh*, the simple pleasures I got from being a kid.
This forum must have a lot of members.. already three members popping up who collect erasers

Razz in Google I found a museum .. in Japan

Mr. Green
Interesting hobby.i heard first time
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