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okay, here is the thing, people.
I did a google search on Google for "free web hosting", which directed me to a site which recommends a few sites, this one being quite far at the top. it looks like quite a decent proposal: 250MB free web space, no ads, and uh, other things. so, i ended up in this forum, creating this thread (sounds like i'm trying to make creating a thread look like an art form). why you ask (or you may not, either way, it doesn't particularly matter)? i need 5 QUALITY posts withing the next few hours so that i can host my website, (spent so much on the domain that i can't afford webspace now...). that is a 2 x catch 22 really.
so, please moderators, give me a little credit for my first thread!
and having had a look at the posts-to-points ratio of other users, plus getting credit for a quality post, i doubt that i will host my site this year...
look, all you gotta do is post on some existing threads (some of them are interesting Rolling Eyes ) hehe, just please no spamming, and double posting is also annoying (you can edit; though I am sure you were just "bumping") anyways, just be patient, and yeah heres a tip, go above and beyond the "requirements" and THEN post a thread (in the correct forum) to request an account. Personally I waited till I like 20 posts (try to stay away from one word replies to find something to talk about and start typing away Smile ) and because I was above the requirement I was hosted in less than a day. And yes the admins and mods have a lot on their plate. but they are doing this best and out of Bondings generoustity. I mean this isn't some big company like Google that can just be like ok, we are offering this service for free, nope, and its a good reliable host to boot. they give you a lot of freedom, and no ads on your site (though there might be some on the forum). I wish you luck and if you need help, just ask...PM someone or start a thread. The people here are very friendly. Very Happy
I was in the exact same situation.
Almost 3 days passed and I got an account.

1/2 hour a day, and you can request a hosting, and also take participation in a wonderful community. What so hard about that?
It only took my 1 day to get hosting. Just dont go around posting things just to get to 5 posts. Its easy to get hositng and once after you get your hositng just keep posting so your wont go to 0 points.
just be active and you will have your hosting...

few tips dont spam...there are lot of people that can catch you if you are as spammer..

enjoy your stayt...

be active

try to post a good quality w/ sense posts

and do not disobey the tos

Very Happy
See, quallity is reletive. I'm sure some of my first five posts were complete garbage, but they weren't just 'Yes' or a single smiley or something. Just post about something that interests you, or utterly, utterly pointless topic like this one.
Yea, all you have to do is go and post in exsisting forums. Read what other people have said, and then add your own two cents! This system is pretty easy to satisify, as you only need to post a few times a week to keep the website happy. The whole system is put into play because they want to target their advertising on you instead of your viewers, thus they need you to surf their website.
pop-notmyface wrote:
and having had a look at the posts-to-points ratio of other users, plus getting credit for a quality post, i doubt that i will host my site this year...

Well nobody solved this out, so I am doing so.

The ratio is very low because everyday our points get reset to 45 if our points are above 45 and decrease by one if they are less than or equal to 45.

What it essentially means is that if on average you will make one post per day you can have hosting here. Smile
Personally, I solved the problem by writing a little cron job that fires every Sunday. It sends me an email that reminds me that I better post on the frihost forum if I wanna keep my site going. So on Sunday morning I get on the forum and see what people have been talking about lately. I add 5 or 6 comments of my own and walla: I'm done for the week.
Quite a thread resurrection this one. I wondered what we were doing in 2005 for a while there... Smile
Just go into any 5 topics type a 5-6 lined paragraph that pertains to the first topic at least. Then if you want apply for hosting you can however the waiting time might take a while see
Current wait time is 10 seconds to 2 weeks (as of 7-9-2008)

I have been hosted with this site for over a year and It is truly better then my paid hosting I had.

It took 3-4 days to get my hosting, trust me it's worth the wait.. Just remember to keep your points above 00.00 by posting regularly Very Happy or your hosting will be revoked (suspended).
took me 3 days but it was worth it. Other free hosts are so annoying with their constant spams and ads
File uploading system works awesome also.
welcome to the firs.....

I usualy have no problem rambling on and I makes lots
of points when I do....but then I get distracted with 'life stuff' and
end up in the negatives again....

but all in all it's a fun place to post. so even if they
didn't host I'd probably visit. but I have to say....

my usual message boards are more liberal,
less censored and a bit less politicaly correct...

so it's not my fave board by far...

but it's alright.
The best thing to do is just set a night once every week or two weeks to just talk on the forum. It's what I do. I wait til my points get low and for a lot of people to say something to where I think my input or opinion can help or just ramble on experiences. I like this place. Even though I haven't really made direct contact with anyone here, it's still nice to get some things off my chest every once in a while.

All of this moral stimulating and politically in/correct driven high for a free website? I say kudos to the powers that be.
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