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Throwing away your vote.

Sometimes, in a heavily dominated two-party system like in the US, voting for a third party is called 'throwing away your vote'...

Now, there's some logic to this, in that you're voting for someone who probably won't get elected, which means your vote didn't do much.

BUT, I think that voting for someone you don't like, just because the other likely alternative is someone you like even less... That is truly throwing your vote away. Not only are you wasting your vote, you're using it to elect someone you don't like!

So, what are your thoughts about this? Is voting for the lesser of two evils 'throwing your vote away'... Can you vote against someone by picking the one you like, rather than his leading opponent?
Since I'm not voting age yet, let me not comment on the actual question.

But, if more people think of voting for their favourite party irrespective of they have a chance or not, what if they actually win?
I'd say that the whole political system in the US needs to be completely revamped. The heavy oligarchy political system has become almost dictatorial in its effect. I'd say that the upheavals and restlessness in the Middle East may catch up with the United States, and motivate the electorate to ask for real reform. I looked at a programme on Al Jazeera tonight that said that part of the reason for the uprising in Tunisia had been the great percentage of unemployed. Looks as though the US is heading in that direction too, i.e. large number of unemployed. When people are hungry, they usually think change in Government.

With regard to voting of lesser evil, I agree that it will be like throwing a vote away, but one is probably supposed to vote for the best candidate for the job. I usually do, regardless of the Parties. I've never really liked the Liberal Party in Canada for example but have always voted for Dr. Hedy Fry in the WestEnd of Vancouver because she has a proven record of being a very good MP. Speaking of elections, we're probably going to get one soon as I notice that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has received a vote of no confidence (thank heavens for that) and that an election date has been set for 2 May.
I agree with Ocalhoun, you should always vote for who you think would do the best job, regardless of political party or social popularity. Our leaders should have a clear history of leadership and accomplishment to judge them on, not a wave of pop-culture feel-good platitudes.
Voting is a civil right of a people of a particular area...

many people will trow away their vote for a few penney.. so sad.

I will rather keep my vote than throwing away my vote for that is my power on who rules and gorvern our life.

I hope many people will learn to use their votes wisely...
deanhills wrote:
I'd say that the upheavals and restlessness in the Middle East may catch up with the United States, and motivate the electorate to ask for real reform.

That would be interesting. I think the party system prevents any true/real reform.

I always vote for the person I think is going to best represent me regardless of their political affiliation although sometimes it does feel like the lesser of given evils.
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