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Android Tablets - Should I bite now or wait?

After playing around with a friends new iPad for an extended period of time, I finally found the desire for a tablet. I actually really enjoyed using it on the couch for simple tasks. It's FAR from a replacement for a computer, and I don't think anybody is really pretending it is, but for those times you want to play a quick game, or look up something real quick on the internet, it's a pretty nice experience being able to do so without having to boot up a computer or using the small screen on your phone.

Everyone was right, it's basically in iPhone...only bigger, but I've learned that's actually a good thing for it's intended purpose. I also learned that I definitely do NOT want one in Apple form, for all the reasons you can probably imagine.

I've decided I want an Android tablet, for all the flexibility that Android provides. I saw the Motorola Xoom at Costco today for $589, and it was REALLY nice, but I had to walk away since that would have been an impulse buy, and $589 still seems kind of steep for a device that I'm not going to be using THAT much. However, I'm still a bit tempted.

One of the things that's kept me from buying one thus far, is how there are so many competitors coming out this year...the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and offerings from LG, ASUS, and more. I've been quite impressed with Androids latest iteration, "Honeycomb," and definitely want that. I think I'm also sticking to my guns about wanting a dual-core processor and a gig of ram. I know it may seem excessive, but after seeing the power apps started needing AFTER I bought my HTC myTouch, I want to future-proof it at least for a little while. My MyTouch can't even run Angry Birds. It was great when I bought it, but phones have come a long way since, and mine just can't hang anymore.

What are your thoughts on this years tablets? Should I just bite the bullet now on the Xoom, or should I wait to see what else is coming out this year?
if you have that feeling of "waiting for better spec coming out later", usually you will never buy it.
badai wrote:
if you have that feeling of "waiting for better spec coming out later", usually you will never buy it.

I completely agree with badai... if you feel something better will come out... something always will.

But it depends what you want to use it for - if its just convenience for internet browsing, and just sometimes, I don't think it would be worthed - You could start your PC (or keep it on at all times), and go to it, whenever you want to search for something.

Unless your an email power user, or even an apple or android developer, it would be essential to have.

But if your not, its basically just a "nice to have" product, and yet its a bit expensive.

There are few good games you get for the apple ipad, and also for android based tablets, but I don't think thats a reason to go for it.

You might consider going for it, if your an artist who likes drawing, because the tablet is also good for these.
There are also a myriad of applications to choose from to be more productive with these devices, but you will need to decide for yourself, based on how creative and productive you will be with it.
I would love one as well, but the cost is high, and what I'll do with it, is just probably play games, read books, play music, use it as a personal organizer.... but a lot of which I use on my phone anyways.
The Android tablets aren't up to snuff quite yet, really. They have potential, but are still trying to copy the iPad, not be something different… and they're not there yet. I'm confident they WILL be, but, perhaps not even this year, given the announced products and those that have already been released. iPad still performs better, and the iPad 2 is an even better platform (while not really changing the core concept). Obviously, I think the iPad is currently the superior product, and the competition is not priced any better, and certainly not priced better in relation to what they have to offer you, the end user.

Personally, I'd either go for a cheap first gen iPad, if cost is a factor, go with iPad 2 if performance is a bigger factor… or wait for a better Android offering.

Keep in mind as well that Blackberry (RIM) is producing a 7" tablet soon that is showing some promise.
badai wrote:
if you have that feeling of "waiting for better spec coming out later", usually you will never buy it.

i do agree with you...just like my sister in law...she kept on waiting for new gadget but until now, she don't have one....
I would wait, because the tablet market is currently very on the rise and on constant change. It will takes some time, to get an overview of the ones which are really good and the ones which are not.
Waiting might be good if you think about it later. But best option is to buy it if u need it. Because there will always be many reasons to wait ALL the time !!!
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