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Windows Vista Beta 1

I was just wondering if anybody on this forum has tried out the recently released windows vista beta 1, and what do you think about it. Personally I'm more of a mac guy lately. just because I got tired of all the problems windows was giving me. It would slow my production time down.

However, I saw windows vista code named 'longhorn' and I wondered if they would fix all of those issues. the reviews were interesting. so I installed longhorn from the msdn library on to my dell inspiron. I gotta say i'm not that impressed so far. mostly just because its still beta I'm sure. half of my drivers don't even work with it (just a beta limitation), but the interface still seems extremely familiar to windows xp, with some slightly upgraded eyecandy in the interface. the Aero Glass interface is a big improvement over xp. however, the navigating around of the system is still not as smooth as i would like it to be.

another issue i have is the Vista sidebar. I can't seem to find it in this build of windows vista beta 1. I thought that the sidebar was in this build but I cant seem to find it anywhere. if anyone else has tried vista beta 1 code named 'longhorn'. I'd be interested to hear what you thought about it. I realize that its still an early beta, but I kinda got my hopes up for more. and if anyone could tell me where to find or activate the sidebar on this thing, I would appriciate it.
much mahalo
Where can you beta test this? Do you have to join the Microsoft developer's group or is it open to beta testing to the public if you just fill out a form or something?
You have to be registered with the msdn library. and that does cost some money. most developers get it through their company.
Vista has nice and cool GUI .
Though I don't endorse pirating, I'm sure windows vista beta 1 is on the torrents by now.
I still haven't found the sidebar in vista beta 1. but with playing around with it alittle bit more i have found that there is no networking module installed. If I try to create a 'home or small office network' it say that that module doesnt' exist or something like that. any ideas?
Windows Vista frankly doesn't have any significant improvements than XP. It just has a different layout, more security, IE 7 and some improvements which microsoft had in mind. Thats all.
ammonkc wrote:
Though I don't endorse pirating, I'm sure windows vista beta 1 is on the torrents by now.

yes.. The windows vista beta 1 version is available to download from Torrents. It is HOT, so for whoever interested to test it out can download it within a day without pending session.

I would like to try it out. However, I have the only old pc Pentium II 250mhz for this beta. I imagine how it will run badly to this old pc. (imagine latest OS running on turtle like machine).

I'm still interested to re-format the hard-disk of the old pc and make it as a LINUX server.

Short of network knowledge giving me barriers to get things done smoothly... Sad
yeah, I wouldn't try installing vista on a P II. I read somewhere that the minimum system requirements are going to be double what they are for xp, or something like that. I read that it is going to recommend at least 1 gig of ram. I got 2gigs of ram in my dell notebook, but my video card doesn't support the glass (transparent) theme.
how can we get a copy of the vista? i havent seen it personally.. if anybody knows where to get it, please let me know, okay? thanks.
have you check the torrent sites or irc channel? I know that I have seen it on the IRC channels. and irc is probably the fastest way to get it.
I cant wait for Vista to get released, i know ill be getting the platinum or whatever their calling it version the DAY it comes out. Purely for testing purposes however, If i like it, ill keep it, otherwise im going soley with linux...and then keep vista for games....which i have none of currently.
games might lag behind the vista release a little bit. I read that vista is not going to support openGL at all. its going to only support winFX or something like that. as far as I can tell from the vista beta that I got installed right now, its no different from xp. it seems to be exaclty the same as xp with a new GUI. I was already so tired of xp that it forced me to switch to mac over a year ago. I was hoping that microsoft would fix all that with longhorn. I hope that the next beta and the final are a lot better then beta 1.
window$ vi$ta is not a new revolution of window$'s OS series. It will give more attractive feature on friendliness of HCI and GUI.

Most non-IT literate ppl would like to use window$ OS. However, this sort of OS still produces (so far) lots of funny problems to non-IT savvy users who always ask us (IT person) for support and give $$ to us to spend.. Cool
Recently i setup windows vista beta 1 in my laptop and i found them with a very nice layout, different windows explorer but a lot of memory recourse, about 360 MB only the windows !!! I tryed to install the Nero comes with my laptop and didnt run under vista beta 1, incopatibility Sad
After a few days i unistalled and backup in XP.
yeah, I'm ready to go back to xp. not that I like xp. but there are still too many things that I can't do with this beta.
I've tried it in VMWare on a Pentium42,8@3GHz with 2 GB of ram, it runs there as smooth as in a virtal system possible, the shell is nice, but there is so much waste running in the background, it might be a very good OS but the XP seems this moment really better for older computers, you can see the minimum of ram I think is about 256MB, thats really a minimum.

What I really like is the indicator that shows in grafically form how much u have used from the disk or so Wink

the other stuff is not so interesting for me Smile

I think I'll make it like in XP, I will maybe go to Vista if there is some time gone, so many bugs and securityholes are closed and this is a really stable system...
Why don't you try getting in with microsoft beta group, if you are approved, they send you all types of beta software for you to test and send back input. [url][/url]
is there any kinda of subscription fee for the windows beta program? like the msdn subscription? what do you need to be accepted to the program?
I have it. Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy

It's a good program. Visual it's very good Very HappyVery Happy But you must have a bette PC. It's easy to use, the start-menu has changed.

Drivers for my graphic card are not available on this moment, and so I can not test the achievements of it.

But I think it's a good program.

yeah, I'm ready to go back to xp. not that I like xp. but there are still too many things that I can't do with this beta.

Right, you can not only use Vista on this moment, I agree.

Where can you beta test this? Do you have to join the Microsoft developer's group or is it open to beta testing to the public if you just fill out a form or something?

As far as I know only the company's that are Microsoft Partner can test it.
SBrian wrote:

As far as I know only the company's that are Microsoft Partner can test it.

well i agree with that i guess.. you can only get a copy of it if you are Microsoft Certified Software Engineer. I hope they could release a trial version for the public.
SBrian wrote:

As far as I know only the company's that are Microsoft Partner can test it.

Yeah, I agree with that.. and i guess you can also get one if you are an MSCE.. I hope they can release at least a tial version.
Einsteins Place
Ive heard that the software that they send you can totally ruin your computer and youll end up loosing more thn you earned from getting the software because its full of bugs!!
if i use vista would i be able to ger drivers for my motherboard working on it? i have an MSI K8N Neo2 Platnium motherboard. thanx
i' tested vista one week, on my P4 1,7GHz, 512mb ram ddr400 vista work bad and slow Sad
maybe vista need minimum A64 + 2Gb ram Razz

sorry for my English but i been from Poland...
yeah the 'minimum systems requirements' are suposed to be about double what xp was from what I hear. but pc performance is probably close to doubling what it was when xp was released to.
Windows Vista has a cool GUI ^^...
Probably, the Micro$oft will not repair the old windows bugs, and Windows Vista has a lot than it ^^ (I know it because i've downloaded it by .torrent).
vista b1 ist very unstable, on my computer has't crash 2-3 times / hour :/
If many plp have evalulated the product
and there result is positive
i would try it
I'm probly going to go back to XP soon. I've had about enough of Vista beta 1. maybe beta 2 will be more stable. I'll probly try beta 2 anyway. it should be release within the next month or so.
Last night I officially went back to xp. not that xp is a whole lot better. but vista beta 1 was way too unstable for me. also there drivers are very limited.

But I was reading an article last night (ironically, while I was formatting my hard drive to install a fresh copy of xp) that say Microsoft has admitted that 'windows is broken'. they said that their whole model for developing windows has been wrong. up until now they developed every module of windows in teams working total independant of each other.

They admitted that this is the wrong model for developing such a powerfull OS. and that is why they are constantly having to patch thing just to keep the os together.

they say that they have changed their model with vista to a more centralized one. and they are going to focus on the windows kernel. initially there will not be a whole lot of bells and whistles in vista due to al the focus on developing a solid kernel to work off of in the future.

this is really reassuring and gives me some home for the os.
vista is not for anyone who wants to run it as a system at the moment, jsut for developers really. n people seeing what the new system will look and act like.
it shouldnt be tried as a stable os because its not
I heard Vista's supose to chew up curent system resources like a walking mouth. i don't think current low-end systems (2.8 intel p4 down, not d, athlon 64 3000+ down) can smoothly run vista. but it might work, as i just read this, didn't test yet. I heard that vista can support like 16tb of ram. that's amazing.
Yeah, I read that also. the minimum system requirements are about double that of xp. I cant remember if it was 1 or 2 gigs of ram. but yeah they are definately targeting newer systems. but with the price of ram falling lately it should be that big of a deal. we will see vendors having to sell more beefed up systems with vista.

can vista really support 16 TB of memory? or was that suppose to be 16 GB? if that is 'TB' then I agree, that is amazing. if its 'GB' then OS X can already has G5 systems that support 16 Gigs of ram.
Actually Microsoft scrapped the sidebar - and a good thing to!
It took up too much room unless you have a widescreen monitor.
personally, i am all for windows vista. windows xp has been a step backwards overall compared to windows 2000 imho. win2k was solid, simple. 2k has a multitude of annoyances (the stupid seach dog, GUI, etc). i'm all for something besides XP.
16 GB vs TB? i think that is sort of a non-issue. 1GB seems like enough to do about anything it seems so far. With the extra ram in my system, windows xp still doesn't cache often used stuff like firefox, etc, so it can be slow to maximize after being minimized for a while. this is pretty retarded. i hope they fix that in vista.
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