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mmoRPG free online game

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a cool character or hero, like you see in movies, animations, and games?

GunZ is an online game that enables you to realize such a dream! GunZ is not your ordinary gunz fighting game. It allows you to imitate a famous hero, create your own fashion style, and perform a number of different actions such as shooting or stabbing whilst running and jumping on the walls.

What makes GunZ ever better than other games is the fact that the game is available online to all users! In addition, GunZ is 100% FREE to play.

link here :
it says free open beta on the website, will it stay free after the beta? guess not...
Hmmm..... Ya should try this one: MythWar Online
this game sounds pretty kewl but what kind of custimization can you do to your character like the hair, face, body, weapons they use and thier abilities liek flying laser beams stuff like that?? if they allow you to do all of that then it would be pretty kewl!!!
Not sure if they still run a free version of the game but Knight Online is a decent mmorpg. You can find it here

Been out quite awhile now but for a free game you can't really complain, and for the few months I played it there was never really any down time and when there was the support was good.
@bigdragon2k3: You can select 4 chars: human, centaur, borg and mage. plus you can change their sex(male/female). More infos: Newbie Section/Register/Download
Remzo is also a very good free MMO. I had just rescently quit the game after being severely addicted, just a warning Razz
Well i looked up gunz and it doesnt seem to be a says it only lets 16 ppl on. can anyone comfirm this? I went to look it up on and it said it was a 16 player 3rd person shooter. If anyone as played it can yu post what it is like. I will try it tonight after class.
We feel CounterStrike is the best, whether free or not....... just try yourself.......

Play in some MU server. The new version RULZ ! [ 1.0b i think ]
Have fun! and Good Luck!
I lov gunz... but it has a lot of bug ^^
ko and kal, i never played it...
It seems that these games are very good.

Plus them they will be FREE, so while they will be beta.

But I go to lower they stops testing here in my machine.

Wink Wink Wink
Lukrasha (not free, but no subscription fee) RPG, VERY fun when you get into it, still in Beta) fun game) $10 a month, and it might not seem worth it (based on graphics being 2d and so forth), but the game is amazing when you get into it.)

and who could forget, WoW free at all).
100% free!! Awesome community and a developing game this one will never cost a cent, if you want a character in a world where you can move, trade, buy stuff build stuff and blow stuff up well The Star Wars Combine is for you. Not a star wars fan? well ignore the fact its star wars because its really just copying ships etc..
it has strict multi account rules and enforces them meaning no one can cheat. if they do they get the ban stick. Theft is rated as part of the game and if you plan to join I suggest you join the best faction (group) in the game "The Antarian Rangers" we can show you the ropes.
But as I said 100% free and the community is great!
Another 100% free mmoRPG:

It's really good to play, but it's just the beta.
I don't know when another version is coming out.[/url]
Yes darkthrone is an awesome game. It is very boring but at some times it could pass some minutes of your time.
You choose 1 out of 4 races which are goblins, undead, elves and humans. Then you have to choose a subclass which are:
assassin, fighter, cleric and thief.
The assassin gives you an extra 5% bonus to tbg income, the thief gives you an extra 5% to intelligence, the cleric gives you an extra 5% to defense and the fighter gives you 5% to offense.
Humans give 5% bonus to offense and they have this special weapon which is called a great sword. The best sword for other races are long swords. The goblins have 5% to defense and have a special weapon called the great bow which other races would have long bows. The elves have 5% bonus to spying and spy defense and they have a special elite unit for defense which is called elite archer.
The last race is the undead which is similar to the elves unit but it goes into offense. It is called a beserker. From all the races i think that the undead are the best one because they have a magic ability which raises killed units from the opposite team which comes into your team. Such as if a person attacked you and lost some troops then some of them are ressurected into your team and if you attack someone and kill some their troops then you will raise some of their fallen troops into your team.
my favourite would have to be COMBAT GROUNDS..... it is a very good game, also, since the rounds are 10 days long everybody has a good chance of winning because every is back to levelling pegging again...... also, there is a $2,000 prize for 1st place Exclamation
Dr4goN wrote:
Hmmm..... Ya should try this one: MythWar Online

well itry this game before kind of bore accually... the gm said the game will still ini the "free" stage untill futher notice!! (feb 2006)
so i kind of freak me out... when u can accually get a 100000 gold in 15 sec..
cool is it... but the game is i great 3d game style... very cool game play... like the final fantasy 7 style of game...
well one thing i dont like about the game is... all the char accually look the same...

well it worth a try if you were the 2d gamer... this is the must try mmorpg game.. cool game play with pet support... soon will implant ( or already implant) the pet farm that allow guild to get income and allow player to catch pet for bettle or trade...

well it kind of bore when you play too much of it...
i kind of make me sick some how... Blueck!!

well to all those just play it... all the best...
hope your like it..
I remember playing a technically mmorpg called dragon court or something like that... mostly text based with few graphics

ah those were the days of 56k
In terms of mmorpg, who can forgot about maple story and monster and me?
looks pretty good great, graphics on first site. I play some MMORPG's at the moment one payed World of Warcraft (play on friends account) very cool game but it is pity you have t pay a lot for it every month. I think a once you buy the game you should pay once. Like guild wars i play that game like aaa lot you pay once for the cd and account and dont have to pay for it every month. The creators of the game get their money by selling new games or additions to the orignal game wich you dont necceraly need to have to continue playing. this way they can maintain their servers and the player like it too:)
I agree with a lot of people here, that gunz is a great game. You also have runecape and others.

Eve online (think that was the name) is free until 2007. So can play it a lot.

I play this MMORPG, it's very nice.
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