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Having two invidia GX2 GPU's-how to fix them into my motherB

I recently monitored my system after upgrading my OS to 64-bit and even before I upgrade it I noticed that my two invidia Geforce 9800 GX2 graphic carder are heating in which I can cook an egg on themÖ is it normal to heat that much I even cant touch them for 4 seconds.. And itís without me playing any game just the desktop screen after turning on my PC in 7 minutes it will heat.
Maybe itís not installed correctly thatís what Iím thinking.
I have Striker II Formula motherboard it will have two blue color GPU slot and one white GPU slot in between.
My first Graphic card is in the blue GPU slot near the processor and the second Graphic Card is in the white GPU slot under it with SLI bridge cable connecting the two GPUís and in windows it will read them normally but the heating is worrying me.
Is this the right setting for two graphic cards with SLI in a motherboard?

this is a picture of the current setting

this is a picture of the second blue slot
this is a a picture of my hardware temp

If you're going to have two cards in there then you're going to need some extra cooling in there. That means more fans, a case that's designed for airflow (Lian Li are highly recommended) and a liquid cooling system. Otherwise your rig is going to have the life expectancy of a mayfly.

That's one option.

You see, the simple truth of having two cards in SLI is that you're not getting anything like twice the power of one card. It's more like 120% than 200%. It's not a significant increase given the outlay and is only really at all useful if you've got an antiquated card in there and buying another to use in SLI is a cheap option for a small but noticeable improvement. Having two brand new top of the line cards in SLI is a total waste of money unless you're using them to produce 3D graphics instead of just viewing them.

So one option is to just remove one of the cards. You probably won't notice a huge difference save for the reduction in temperature.

Another option, if you really feel you need the extra power is to upgrade to a more recent single card. The new GTX 580 would meet your needs while costing less than the water cooling + fans and case you're going to need to keep your current rig alive. They're a lot less power hungry, generate a lot less heat and will generally last that much longer because of it (in theory Razz). That would be the best long term solution if you really want to keep on the bleeding edge.

But first I'd recommend just removing one of the cards and see how that goes.
You really gave me an Idea my friend, and Iím really considering removing one of the cards. But if you notice in the second picture that I skipped one main blue PCI-EX were the second Graphic Card should be not near each other thatís the reason I feel they are heating because they are very close to each other. I feel really bad to remove one of the VGA Cards they were really expensive in my country not like USA and Europe Sad
So I want to give it a try to insert the second VGA to the second main blue PCI-EX far a way from the first VGA card but my OS is not detecting the second Graphic Card in that blue slot why?
It's perhaps something of a design flaw that the motherboard will only recognise the cards if installed in sequence. If you had three cards installed then it would recognise the card in the third slot. But not with just two.

More flexibility is something that would benefit me too. Because having my bulky card in the first slot is covering over some of my SATA ports. Which is not good.

So yes, while it would be ideal to have a gap between them it's not really an option.
I never thought of it that way, about the graphic card to be in sequence. And like you said itís a waist to have two SLI graphic Cards so there is no point in buying a third one to fill in the blank.
One more option I have to not remove the second graphic card is to buy a liquid cooling system
Yesterday I called one of the shops asking about the price of the liquid cooling for desktops and he told me 400 O.R thatís around 900 USD.
Thank you very much my friend for your kindness Very Happy
I will search for something cheaper to cool up my system like fans Cool
I don't know if you're going to get away with just another fan or two if you've got two power hungry double decker graphics cards sandwiched together like that. I'd certainly recommend keeping an eye on the temperatures and not playing any games for too long.

In the meantime keep to the one card though, yeah? Very Happy
Fire Boar
I second the proposal to remove one card. Having two:

- Uses more power - more expensive.
- Generates more heat:
-- Fans have to do more work and use more power - more expensive.
-- Parts are likely to wear out faster.
- Gives a relatively small performance boost.

Having just one card reduces the heat and power issue, and if that card goes bust you've got a spare. Or you could use the extra card in another computer, or sell it.
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