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how do I get Snap Shot of a FriHost thread


Is the a way to embed a FriHost Thread in my own website.

Thank you..
You could use HTML frames, which is probably the simplest solution or you could just put a hyperlink on your website or quote the most important passages from a topic using the HTML blockquote-tags and referring to the topic as the source of the blockquotes. Smile

Really "grabbing" the text and reforming it and putting it on your website requires an API which grabs the necessary parts of the database of Frihost (aka the topic title, the posts in the topic etc.)

API wrote:
An application programming interface (API) is a particular set of rules and specifications that a software program can follow to access and make use of the services and resources provided by another particular software program that implements that API.

Your website and code

But Frihost needs to get an API like that before you can do something like that. Smile

Iframe is good way to insert some other pages in your own. I am not sure are object tag can get data in all browsers. I am reading some stuff about this possibility but I think only few browsers support this method of including.

Iframe is good way to insert some other pages in your own

Yes.. By chance I just discovered iframes a couple of days ago. Amazon uses them to embed adds. So I am studying them right now
Iframe have one backside of using. This is direct link to some site (in this case frihost what is great) and search engine is treat like external link. In other hand RSS is like part of your site (if I good understand RSS Laughing ) and search engine thread content like part of your site. But frihost haven't RSS. Sad

FYI, keeping your site live at Frihost is beneficial for search results. For instance, if all the search engines point to Frihost for your content, then when you take it down the search engines will have some time before they find and rank you again.

Also, listing the same content in two places allows you to do some great market research. I have a Frihosted account, and another hosting account for other domains most of which were ideas started at Frihost.

You can avoid this search engine suicide by making place-holders on Frihost like this (please check how Frihost wants you to link as this is only an example):

"This site has moved to: (click to go now) Frihost is the original birthplace of this site, so these pages will remain live so that people can continue to find the content that they have come to trust from

Frihost, however, remains a great place to get started hosting for free while you get your project off the ground, and is highly recommended by"

BTW, that's another thing I love about Frihost... you can get help to leave. Don't leave forever because we're still here to help with almost any question you may have even if it relates to your new host or domain. That's what Frihost is all about -- community and conversations"
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