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Top Ten in PHP

Can anyone help me, I want a little scrpit that will list the 'Top Ten' most clicked on web pages also randomized so it would either be,

'Top Music Videos'
'Top Movie Reviews' or
'Top Music Reviews'

Can anybody help be make a script that will work?, or a similar one, I have searched on google all I got were perchasing scripts and I am very new to PHP so could anyone help me please?
P.S Even if you want FriH$ for making me a script I would be more than willing to pay a good 800$ FriH or whatever I have, it is essential to my website!, please every little helps, Smile
It is quite easy. Whenever a link is clicked, increment the count of the clicked link before redirecting to the site. You need to have a mysql table for keeping track of count against each link. While displaying top links, all you need to do is select from the table and order descending the count.

Sorry, I can't write script for you. But if you need assistance in any specific area, I can help.
What about pages what users reach directly from history, without links?

Ohh I like this one. Bit confused about the randomised bit though. Do you want a list of 10 random pages as well as top ten?

Ok then I'm thinking obviously php with mysql. Perfect combination.
If you could give me a few more details I'd be more than happy to make this code for you.

I was thinking of a script whereby (This is for every page)
It connects to the database
checks for the url of the current page
if not found it adds it to the database
otherwise it updates the count value with an extra count
then closes the database

And for the page to display the top ten
Connects to the database
takes top ten pages based on counts
echos them
closes the database

Now for the databse I was thinking of having an id, url of a page, atitle and a count value.
The only problem I can see is the title however I'm sure we can find a way to get around this.

Just describe what you meant about the random thingy a bit better, if theres anything else you want to store about the page and let me know

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