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I don't have any clue what I am doing so if you could like give me step-by-step through PM here or email that would be great. I have hosting here and I have a layout and some things like CuteNews but I have no idea how to incorperate them and would like to do it myself with some detailed instructions so I can kind of learn how to do those things as I put them in. If you are willing to help please PM me with your email address and stuff so I can get ahold of you to email back and forth. This may take a while and I am really an idiot when it comes to this so you would have to be able to really dumby down a lot of things and be pretty patient with me. This will also probably be a long process unless you have a fast way of building sites. I have not ever done this and I found this host and decided to get a site up now. I have wanted one and even tried some to get a site but was always unsuccesful so I don't yet have one. I would like one now though and I will be able to upgrade it and stuff like that since I hope to learn as I go with the coding. So if you are patient, willing, and able please send me a PM as soon as you can!

Matthew Doe
Webmaster of Checkmate Marauders (Harry Potter Role Play Game)
For one thing, it probably depends on what you want help with,,, myself i know php, but there are many things with this forums and hosting that you can deal with. your best bet is to probably start on something,,, and then if you have any problems with it, just ask,,, I know i would help if I know what your problem is, and I know how to resolve it,,, if your learning about php, you can alway start by looking up tutorials on the search engines,,, work with them, try to make them work on your site,, and if you have trouble with them,, then maybe I or someone else could help you with that,,, same thing with flash MX and so on,,, it depends on what your trying to learn,,,
Altough I have years of IT experience; I have little real Web development experience.
In the past i used HTML 4.01 transitional and perl 5.x.x to develop intranet applications. Three weeks ago; I had never used style sheets, xml, mysql or php. I set out to build an online catalog with mailing lists feedback and emailed invoices. Ihad only the internet and a couple of e-books to learn by. The resources available on the net, and forums such as this one, are more than adequate to learn whatever you need to know.
I have learned alot. The project is almost finished except for some proof-reading and weighing the cataloged items. I now fell confident enough to take on siilar projects and Know that I can solve almost any problem that arises.
Do it yourself, there folks here to help if you get into trouble.

Folow the above advice. What you learn will stick with you. You can go at your own pace.
Thank you. I will start on my own and look forward to you guys helpin me along the way??maybe?? I'll post anything I need! Thank you for advice and stuff. A mod can close or delete this if desired.
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