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Dating After College

Hey folks,

I graduated from university almost 9 months ago, and I am now working in a film production/distribution company and also freelancing as a camera assistant on films and music videos in LA. I am happy that I am keeping myself busy, but at the same time I am DISGUSTED by the fact that I haven't been on a date with a girl since my senior year in college.

I've been so wrapped up in thinking about work and the future of my career that I've become socially inept and difficult to communicate with in a number of situations. I have met a few women while working, but I really don't like the idea of mixing work with romance, and so no real dates ever come to fruition there. Back in college I dated a few girls and had flings with several others, which were all carefree and easy (not to say that the girls were easy, but finding romance was easy). Now that I am part of the workforce, it's become so much more difficult meeting new women. I just wanted to know if anyone here on Frihost has had the same experience, and if so, what did you do about it?
You should try going to bars or clubs, as people seem to meet a lot of people in those places. ALternatively, you can try online dating sites, as a lot of people are now trying to meet pepople in those places as well. You can also try joining clubs and such. Try looking for ones that interest you -- that way you can hit two birds with one stone. You can have fun and meet like minded people.
Internet can be helpful
I had the same situation some time ago.. What I did? Language schools.. try to learn French for example. I bet you will find pretty girls there to get in touch. Then, invite to study at your place and bingo Smile

good luck
Well I also dated a couple of girls in college and when I came out, the situation changed.

At my former place of work I me this girl and like you I did not want to mix work with romance but time there was something different, it just felt right.

And we having been dating since. I left that job and we are getting married soon.

Follow your heart and if that one person comes along you will definitely know it.
The internet sucks (at least in my previous experience, though that was at least six years ago) in finding someone great to go on a date with.

I would suggest:
- Volunteering or activism
- Politics (get involved in a campaign)
- Church/Spirituality (esp. progressive churches, eastern religions)
- Outdoors Club
- Service Club
- Community organization
- Any club or organization where the majority of participants are from the opposite sex (if you are straight)
You're being very hard on yourself. My advice would be to relax and not to force it. Obviously you have not been into relationships for a while, and now that you are ready for it, you want to tackle it like a career move. That would be a real put off. Probably would be much better for you to take on a fun hobby where you are likely to also meet other people. It doesn't necessarily have to be with the object of hooking up with someone, but more to psyche yourself into the mood of enjoying spending down time with others. For example, you could join a canoe club, or sky diving, or take up karate or rock climbing. Once you're into the vibes, everything will happen spontaneously. Bottomline is to be able to relax, learn to enjoy all the people around you and to weave a positive field of attraction around you. The rest should then fall into place Very Happy
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