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Choose 3 from these 6 for a competition

I've to enter 3 of these shots in my club's next competition (subject: "Landscape")....but which 3 are more impactful?
Thanks for looking over them.

1). Castle Hill (Huddersfield)

2). Motorway near Wakefield

3). Castle Hill (Huddersfield)

4). Stanage Edge at daybreak

5). Treest at night

6). Hazy over Derwent (Lake District)
I'd say 1, 3, 6...but that's a hard choice they're all really good
For me, I choose 1, 3 and 5. I dunno, but they seem to have impact.
For me, I choose 1, 3 and 5. I dunno, but they seem to have impact.
My Choice:1 2 5.
5th one i like it very much.
I choose 2, 3 and 5.

My favorite is 2, btw. It's amazing. They all are really! Great job Very Happy
2,5,6 have the biggest impacts for me, personally.

2: The motorway scene is epic, especially the way the lights are.

5: The woods are great, the way it looks dark is good too.

6: Mountain over views are always great, the tone of colours have the biggest impact in this picture.
my choice is 4,5,6

1 and 3 is same location but not the angle and very good ones, 2 is good enough too, hard to choice

i think in other daya or moment i pick other way but this is now
Thanks dudes....though it's all too late now, as the competition was ages ago! Very Happy
I didn't win Crying or Very sad
for me , 1/3/4 are the first impression.
My votes are on 3, 5 and 6. number 3 looks so surreal.. Is that perhaps an HDR pic? I'd like to see a more "HDR" version Razz

I also like number 1, but I liked number 3 better. Then number 2 is awesome, but it's less of a 'landscape'. Number 5 gave me some sort of deep feeling, and number 6 made me feel "awe.."

I think there's something missing with number 6 though. But nevermind that, your shots are really great! O__O
Thanks - yes, there's a mild HDR filter applied to no, 3.....not too much though, as it's easy to go over the top with it, I feel.
Ghost Rider103
I know I'm a bit late here.

I'm really liking #2 and #6 though.

The contrast on #2 is excellent and #6 is just one of those images that just work. Could use a bit more of a focal point though. Perhaps adding some sharpness to the clouds would really bring this photo alive even more.

Can you go back to the same spot where #6 was taken and get some snow on the top of the mountain? Razz

Anyways, good work even though you didn't win. You must have had some excellent competition.

Can we see the winning piece, or is it too late for that?
Here's the winner from our camera club's website - much better in a larger format
wellerchap wrote:
Here's the winner from our camera club's website - much better in a larger format
All of your photos are better than this one. I just don't like the colour - it might have worked in grey. But sepia .... no way! Shocked
Ghost Rider103
Hm that's a tough one.

Its a totally different style of photo from all of yours, so it's difficult to compare really. Though I do like all of your photos better than the winning photo, but I think it's a fairly close call.

Do you have any idea how you ranked in the contest? Also, how do people vote? Maybe the people on frihost can help you out unless its like an in-house like voting system.
We get an independant judge in to judge each competition - I came second in this particular comp - though now you've said I should have won I think I'll go to the winners house & take the trophy back from him! Very Happy
1, 3 and 6. The highway with low shutter speed has been done quite a lot, though regardless, all are rather picturesque. Great job!
Some great photos there. It doesn't matter that you didn't win because you only ever need to compete with yourself. So I'd pick your next photo as your best. You have a great eye for composition. I like 4 and 6 the most here. Some of these filters aren't helping only hindering though, if I'm being perfectly honest. Number 1 is an excellent photograph. Great balance, composition and fantastic depth with the perspective with whatever lens you use. Then it looks like you opened in photoshop or lightroom and took a huge dump on it's chest. Why oh why? Black & white? Or really low saturation? Maybe even the "screen" overlay set to 35% to add some luminance? Something really gentle and subtle like that can really aid your photographs. It makes it an entirely different photograph all together. For example, I'm guessing the judges looked at the first one, if you submitted that and thought, ...bleh. I'm guessing so because they get a lot of great photography and before settling on their favourite (which is often the most difficult task - illustrated by the people in here struggling to pick out your best out of just six) then you see what a task they have on. So what they do, bless their hearts, is a prior process of illumination. They go through the shortlist about 10 times until it's short. They do that by looking for imperfections rather it's selling points. It's a very negative process of finding the ultimate positivity. What else can they do? What can you do? Don't use filters that look like somebody spilled muesli on them. Muesli? Yeah. Scot's Oats. With that caber tossing scottish porridge packaging or something. What's it called?

I'm just offering some advice as somebody who's been through the mill with photo filtering. I've gotten pretty good at it by realizing that less is more. Enhancement over entrancement. I'm also envious, because I'm a shoddy photographer who spends hours making my photographs look presentable in image editing apps. You're the reverse of that. Switch?
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