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weird banner thing

I have a banner at the top of my website (just in case you guys need it: ) and you can probably see the banner at the top. Well, on my PC, i can't see it. It's just not there. I cleared out my Cache and tried it again and it's still not there. I'm confuzled. Everyone else can see it, but i can't.

P.S. Yes i know the links don't work yet.
Hmmm... That's weird. I just checked it in IE, Firefox and Opera and it displays fine. Source code looks fine too (except for the empty anchor tags). What browser are you using?

Also try just loading the image itself, e.g. click on this link:

Also, can you see your other images okay?
Yeah, I can see it just fine, too.

Make sure you don't have the main URL of the banner blocked in your HOSTS file on your computer, Eyre.

Also, if you've made any changes to your website's .htaccess files or your index page settings through cPanel, you might want to double-check those.

From what you've described, it sounds like there's an incorrect setting in one of those files.

And I thought of something else: Have you got hotlinking protection (in your cPanel) turned on? And when you're looking at your main.html page, are you looking at it from your computer's hard drive, as opposed to actually loading up the HTML page from your webspace?

If you're trying to look at your main.html page from your computer's hard drive, whatever URL you have in your HTML code must match the folder layout in your computer, or you'll wind up with a broken image.

example. - <img src="images/main.jpg"> is not the same as <img src="main.jpg">

Hope you can figure this one out, Eyre!
yeah it's totally weird. for every site i've made, everytime i put in a banner, i can't see it. i tried making new images, i'm not sure exactly what it is. i won't be able to try anything until later this week, but i'll let you know how it turns out. the only weird thing is that everyone else can see it. And yeah i know the code is basic, just threw something together real quick to get a general idea of what it would look like Razz

EDIT: And yes, i can see all the other images, which makes if even more strange.
Thats odd.. I can see it fine. Usually if i cant see a picture, its because the host is down lol so i cant really help you since i havent ever really had this problem. Sorry Crying or Very sad
I have the same problem... but in a site that is not mine Shocked it's a fan page and I go but I can't see the top banner and I don't know why! This happens since I restore my computer to the day that I buy it... please! if someone can help me with this problem!
Works fine on mine... idk...
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