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Wanted: Plugin to use in WordPress for RSS and Podcasts

I am looking long time already for a plugin I can use in WordPress.

I like to be able to include in articles and pages:

RSS Feeds from extern pages

Video Podcasts from other pages


Audio Podcasts from other Pages

The plugin should read the feed and show the latest 5 article links from the feed (RSS) or the latest 5 Audio Files from the feed (Audio Podcast) or the latest 5 Video Files from the feed (if Video Podcast).

The Audio should include a player able to play the audios inside the article/page at my WordPress Blog.

The Video should include a player able tp lay the videos inside the article/page at my WordPress Blog.

Does anyone know such a plugin to do this jobs? Alternate different plugins for the different jobs.
Thanks for any help. I try already some plugins but nothing works the way I am looking for. I found plugins for the own podcast. Or plugins to play a specific mp3 or mp4. But this is NOT what I amlooking for.
I don't know of any plugin, but if you know a bit about PHP you can follow this easy guide to include feeds in your articles/pages:
Thanks for the link.

But I am still searching for a plugin to do that jobs within wordpress blogs.

So, if anyone has ideas or experiences, please let me know...
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