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Rock never dies

from the very beginning of my teen i was attracted to rock music. Rock music have a very strong history. Everyone likes rock. Rock music is persistent and is not like other music types which tops the charts but disappear very fast.
Mmmh, after several readings of your post, I still wonder what your point was... Anyways, let's talk about Rock and some other genres that 'never die'

The most important thing in whatever we can discuss about is the background. I mean: background of Jazz, for example, takes place in the end of the 19th century, when black people communities start playin a satanic music performed with local instruments hand-made such like Banjo, percussions, horns, trumpets, etc.

Then after that, the blues and the rock came from the same roots.

Catch it? Wink

Cheers!!!! Cool
[quote="saiyeek" Everyone likes rock. [/quote]

I do not like rock. So there! *takes out a gun and shoots rock*


*on seeing everyone else's reaction to that post, shoots self also*
WOW, someone willing to speak for everyone...
Yea anyway, lets talk about Rock, It manages to stagger around for years and years, myself, I listen to everything, but when it comes to rock I prefer Classic Rock, which just goes to show that Rock Lives On Forever, it may take a slightly different form from time to time, but in the end we'll still be rocking, so lets rock out with our C**** out and have a wonderful Day
that was all of course IMO
Yep, Rock is best with the old bands like White Snake, Poison and INXS
Among the new bands Creed, Rasmus and Linkin Park are really good
And surely Aerosmith are GODs
With some of the "ROCK" about these days its debatable its allready dead.

Plus Brainiac proved they can Stop Rock 'n' Roll with a variety of tools.

Real rock in my opinion is as follows:

Iron Maiden
Led Zepplin
Deep Purple

Bands like these that every generation enjoys, not thes crap about being dumped and kiling yourself.

Rock never dies,
rock is like a Butterfly, always in transformations...

But its mantains your roots...

and your legions...

... Yeah ...

         I am a crazy boy....

... and rock is more than music ...

                ... rock is a way of life ...

... I love rock because it is may lifestyle ...

      ... and if rock dies ...

              ... a legion o crazy boys and girls die too ...

                     ... we mantain live the rock ...

     ... we are the rockers ...

I am not only "Rock and Roll all Nite"


    [b]Rock and Roll all life[/b]
The Profile
Rock Music is the best music ever, that is my opinion anyway!

I do not like music where instruments are not played... Is this not music... Is that not why we are here?
rock is rock. People love it and some people dont.

get on to the Hotel California an then let them talk.

let people go on with the music of Elvis then let them decide.....

rock or not Twisted Evil
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