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In your opinion what is the best all-around linux distro?

I personally like MEPIS linux.

Feel free to close this. Evil or Very Mad
I love Red hat.

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Best all-around? I think the best thing about linux is that you can select a distro to suit your needs.

Just getting in there, not yet ready to throw yourself in? Mandrake.

Little more sturdy, little less handholding? Redhat.

Really want to learn the internals, or want to have the smoothest most responsive system you can at the cost of always hacking on it? Gentoo.

Want more software than you can comprehend available to you, to browse and find out what you'd like to have on your final system? Ubuntu.

Been there, done that, want your system sleek and fast more than you want tons of software packages, but without compiling it all yourself? Slackware.

Hardcore open-source enthusiast? Debian.

Want to try things out without installing? Try Knoppix, Ubuntu LiveCD, or Kubuntu LiveCD.

Want to carry around a business-card size disk in your wallet (or a usb disk) that can do some basic system tasks? Try Linux-BBC.

Want to sniff the ether airwaves and find a connection you can steal, or do some other simple hacky things? Try Phlack.

Want to fix some stuff that's broken? Any fast-loading functional bootable CD will do, but depending on how much you want to do you'll want a bigger or smaller live distro. Try the above three answers on for size -- you'll find your balance.

Want a gateway/router computer which runs without a hard drive? I have never actually set this up, but there's a ton of great distros out there for this purpose. Look around and see which ones get good reviews.

Disclaimer: I use the word 'hack' to mean 'work on' or 'hack away at', not 'cause malicious damage.'

I am currently using Ubuntu on my work computer that needs to keep up-to-date, Gentoo on my home machine, and most often turn to a Knoppix derivative when I'm searching for a liveCD (but only because I usually find one first, I'd more often just want a prompt than a full blown GUI with hardware detection loading up.)
I love fedora(Red hat ).
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