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Apple iPad

I'm thinking of getting Apple iPad however am certain there has to be alternatives to iPad as well. Have any of you had experiences with iPad, or with Apple iPad alternatives, and in your experience, which iPad would be the better one to use? FunDa made a comparison of the iPad alternatives that were available (in December).

From what I have seen in the mainstream media, and tech blogs, Notion Ink's Adam seems to be the best value for money.
It has many innovations like the Pixel Qi screen (which is a type of eInk display which can be switched back to LCD type) Also, a touchpad on the back. And a camera which rotates from back to front, so that all angles of video capture is possible while video chatting.

iPad is cool and sexy, but misses many major features that are essential for me.

Samsung Galaxy Tab also has many of the great features of the Adam, but is much smaller than th e iPad. Which is also an advantage that you can carry it around more easily(maybe even stuff it in you jeans pocket.

Sourced from FunDa's post.
I'd go for the Motorola Xoom over all of those you've listed (including the iPad 2):
Well... here's something to say that most people don't consider.

iPad is NOT a computer, its a internet-ish tablet.

If you need to do real computing, get a windows tablet. If you need a tablet for surfing and watching videos and doing email etc... iPad is a great choice.
If you want a tablet, then get the iPad. The only thing I don't like about the iPad is that one still has to connect it to a iTunes to load content. Other than that, for $500 off contract, it's hard to argue that any other tablet is a better value given Apple's beautiful hardware and abundance of apps.
I've played around with a Samsung Galaxy Tab for a bit, and I like it quite a lot. I feel like it's a good size for the type of stuff it's used for (iPad's feel too bulky for me), plus it runs Android, which I prefer over iOS.
A tablet is good for emails, web browsing, a personal assistant, an organizer, calendaring tool etc.
From the nice post of Funda's comparison list, I would be tempted to go for a windows 7 tablet, because I would not need to use a PC or laptop altogether, but the processor speed is lower than that of a PC or laptop, so high end apps would probably be slow on them anyways, so it would depend on the applications I run daily. I would love to run a good music editing software on it.

The iPad is very popular though, and the new iPad's noticeable features are its 2 cameras, a slightly slimmer thickness, and a new processor, which is a tad bit faster.

In my view, the tablet is the in-between of a phone and a PC, but if you have a smart phone, would you really need a tablet? A smart-phone is kind of like a small tablet in itself, and more portable.
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