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Does anybody Noticed natural disaster in JAPAN today

The most powerful Earthquake 8.4 ricker every recorded in Japan. Live Tsunami disaster telecased in media.
Yeah this is not normal and know for sure will get a funding here for the people in Japan.
Even that Japan has a lot of money in times like this they can get all the help given.

I'm sorry for all the family's who are missing family/friends and pray for them that they will be found life again.

Robin (Holland)
Yes !! i got to know about it few hours before and was sad for this tragic happening Crying or Very sad

Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others.
Agreed, that is quite awful, even by the standard of the Japanese being used to earthquakes. It is one of the worst ones. New Zealand also had a bad one about a month ago in Christ Church that they called an "after shock" of the one in last November, and they are still trying to mop up all the debris. Two of my friends are living in tents in Christchurch while their houses are being repaired. They are in amazing good cheer considering, looks as though the fact that they managed to survive the quake changed their outlook about basic creature comforts.
I've noticed that nowadays the powerful Earthquake happen more frequent and always awful.
What's happen to our earth.

I watched media coverage of the disaster all morning. My heart goes out to all that are affected by it.
Yeah, and the tsunami waves even reached all the way in Oregon here. I have some friends in California who were hit pretty bad. It's a terrible shame that people were hit so bad in Japan, but I'm glad that the damage was limited to flooding, and to that crazy nuclear reactor. I don't know how bad it would be if it were to have struck in the United States, because we're nowhere near as prepared as Japan is for flooding and earthquakes. It's a good wake-up call for those who live in earthquake land.
It is sad about Japan's tsunami.
It was predicted that an earthquake would hit Japan, and there would be a tsunami, but how can one ever prepare for a tsunami, other than just early warning systems and evacuations?
I don't think anyone can.
Its sad that many people have died over this and more are sufferring as well. Sad
I can't believe how the numbers of deceased have jumped from Saturday to today. Initially the reports were approximately 300 deceased and 300 missing. Now it is more like 10,000 deceased. I guess it must be difficult to get a handle on the numbers as all electronics must be down and everything in chaos.

In the town of Minamisanrikucho, 10,000 people nearly two-thirds of the population have not been heard from since the tsunami wiped it out, a government spokesman said. NHK showed only a couple of concrete structures still standing, and the bottom three floors of those buildings gutted. One of the few standing was a hospital, and a worker told NHK that hospital staff rescued about a third of the patients in the facility.

Source: Yahoo!News
right now we have the H-explosions on our news screens. And US navy leaving the area due to nuclear radiation...
Latest update I could find on the reactors:
Not looking to good!
standready wrote:
Latest update I could find on the reactors:
Not looking to good!
Excellent article Standready.

I thought these portions in the article you quoted put some more light on the nuclear core puzzle for me:
Donald Olander, professor emeritus of nuclear engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, said having uranium fuel rods exposed was a crucial problem. Water is what keeps them from getting too hot, melting and burning their casing and melting the uranium fuel pellets inside.

He calculated that each of the three reactors at risk probably require 50 gallons (190 liters) a minute of new water being pumped in to cool down the enormous heat involved.

The more time that passes with the reactor containment vessels intact, the less the chance of a catastrophe because "nuclear decay" lessens some of the enormous heat in the reactor, said James Stubbins, head of nuclear engineering at University of Illinois.

"They're doing a good job of containing what might be melting," Stubbins said.

The hydrogen explosions at the Dai-ichi plant's Unit 1 and Unit 3 were sparked when operators vented steam containing hydrogen to relieve pressure in the containment vessels.

Operators knew that would potentially lead to an explosion but felt they had no choice if they wanted to avoid complete meltdowns. Eventually, hydrogen in the released steam mixed with oxygen in the atmosphere and set off the two blasts.

Mark Hibbs, a senior associate at the nuclear policy program for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said the Japanese had succeeded so far in averting major disaster but appeared unable to figure out what was going on deep inside the reactor. In part, that was probably because of the damage done to the facility by the tsunami.

"The real question mark is what's going on inside the core," he said.

Fox News (Handfleisch is probably going to hammer me over the head for this source) provided a very neat explanation of the origin of the problem for me as well:
Eleven reactors nearest the quake's epicenter automatically shut down upon sensing vibrations in the early hours of March 11. "Reactors shut themselves down automatically when something called 'ground acceleration' is registered at a certain point, which is usually quite small. It will instantly drop control rods into the [nuclear] core," Professor Tim Albram, a nuclear fuel engineer at the University of Manchester in the U.K., explained to the press.

Those control rods block neutrons from entering the core and inducing the fission reactions that produce nuclear energy. When the rods drop into the core, the heat put out by the nuclear fuel rods they surround plummets instantly, reducing the core's temperature to less than 5 percent of normal in a matter of seconds.

A base level of heat from nuclear decay continues to flow off the rods, however, and that's the problem in the Fukushima and Onagawa plants. Officials say they do not have enough electric power to pump water through the cooling systems and dissipate the extra heat. Water levels continue to drop.
I am all for this all over the news but does anyone agree with me they seem to be showing the same bits over and over again? I feel sorry for the people but cmon.... do we have to see the same footage over again every 10 mins?
dawi03 wrote:
I am all for this all over the news but does anyone agree with me they seem to be showing the same bits over and over again? I feel sorry for the people but cmon.... do we have to see the same footage over again every 10 mins?
An excellent point! I remember they did it with Sept11 as well. I'd rather that they have less frequency of news on Japan and us only receiving updated news.
There is some amateur footage showing the real devastation these country has suffered ( and continues to do so) in other places like youtube.

Also, this caught my attention

Where are the Japanese Looters?:
k_s_baskar wrote:
The most powerful Earthquake 8.4 ricker every recorded in Japan. Live Tsunami disaster telecased in media.

Awful, it actually was an 8.9 richter and some other sources mention even a 9, 60 times the energy liberated by the Hiroshima bomb.
It's terrible... but I am surprised of how they reacted to that
Yesterday I felt a quake here in Lucknow, The frequency of quakes have increased in past few months, wonder what's in store!! Neutral
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