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Burnout: Revenge (xbox)

Whoa! I just got this game yesterday and I have to say, as a fan of the series, this is one of the more refined versions. The world tour mode is excellently laid out, and easy on the brain,,, I love all the different modes of gameplay you can play as well.

The only downside to the game is that I see no arcade version, where you can just freely race as you please. Maybe this sort of mode is unlockable later, but as for now, I do not see anything of the sort. If you want to race more, you better get your revenge rating up and fast. It seems like the actual racing events are few and far between, compared to the other modes, like crash, for instance.

I give this game a gamer review score of 9/10. I have loved every Burnout game that they have thrown at me, and this one is an awesome experience, even for the Burnout noobie. I reccommend this game for a rent, then BUY if you like it. (and you most certainly will) All racing games, especially the Burnout series, have great replay value.

Side notes:
You can use your own custom soundtracks on your xbox as the in-game music.

If you have other EA games game saves on your computer like Madden 06 and the like, you get a little bit of a head start on your Revenge meter at the beginning of the game.

Crash mode is difficult to play, and hard to master, because of the way you have to start your could blow your engine, stall, or just get a slow start...
I definitely agree with you. Burnout: Revenge is really awesome. One of the best racing game I have ever played. Unique gameplay and very addictive. It's a refined version of the Burnout 3: Takedown with spices added.

A must buy for every gamer out there! Cool
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