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Words , cultures and relationships?

You know i find it hard to understand the way people outside Brazil see relationships, i mean the culture and words used to describe relationships confuse me...

like the word "dating", it seems to describe several levels of relationships from a first encounter to a long term relationship where you are not engaged yet. In portuguese we would use "saindo" which "going out" when you go out for the first couple of times, and then we would use "namorando" which i didn't find a translation but it means a you actually asked the girl to be your girlfriend...

i've also seen the word french kiss used all over, we do have a specific word for that , but french kissing look like such a taboo... i've heard a in podcast a girl telling that she had a relationship with a iranian guy, he wouldn't french kiss her because he felt that it would be a big lack of respect with her. Here it's just the contrary, it would be weird if you kiss a girl or a boy without "frenching" it...

i've seen the topic "what is the difference between a Girl as a friend and a GF?" and the english word also confuse me, i mean , i would never have such a confusion the line is very thick.

So is it only media or there's thrut behind this slight cultural diferences? what are other interesting diferences when it comes from relationships
I think it's the top of the iceberg..
I think it only reflects the cultural inner differences between countries.
I won't talk about countries that I don't know. But obviously, concerning France and England, the differences of behaviour, level of respect and commitment, things you say or do, are obviously very different between the two countries. Even if they are so close and similar in terms of history, pop-culture and such.
I am absolutely confused with love-codes nowadays, and I only have to deal with those 2 countries..
I don't think you will ever get any straight answer to your interogations.
In the Middle East and other Moslem or Hindu countries no one refers to dating, as that would be kind'a taboo. Right in the beginning when I was around in the UAE and made references to locals or expats from Moslem country about dating, they would kind'a blush and then avoid the subject. Especially if they were females. Dating is more of a Western phenomenon (I think). I would have thought however that the French Kiss is well knows, yet along the cultural lines you mentioned, would not be publicly mentioned in some cultures. It may have negative interpretations in some of the cultures.
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