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What is your favorite sport and why?

It's probably the sport you grew up with.
If your from the USA it's probably American football. If your from Europe, South America or even Africa it's probably Soccer.
I am originally from England and grew up with Crickit and Soccer.
My favorite is Soccer. I know all the players and their history. I also feel Inknow how the players feel about playing and love watching the amazing skill levels.
I suppose Incan appreciate what the players are feeling.

What's your favorite sport and why?
I like watching soccer matches, especially with friends, who either choose Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.
The fun is in watching them fight with each other that their teams are the best over the others, and when the other favourite team loses to the opposing team, its just fun to watch them go at each other verbally, and they even go to the extent of insulting the players, of each sides.
I usually choose the winning team. Very Happy but even if they insult the players - it has no effect on me.

I used to like basketball as well, but now I dont get a chance to watch it, so I don't.

I like playing badminton, and nowadays, I don't play soccer though.
Well if you come form australia you are expected to think AFL is the best. However if you come from a different country like the UK you are expected that cricket and soccer is the best. Also with the USA they have baseball, Ice hockey and gridiron so basically if you come from a country that surrounds you with advertisement about that sport you are going to think the other sports are s.hit-house. Therefore there is no comparison.

American Football. Because the players risk their lives and health ---it's more pure than basketball. If you can't play up to NFL level, then they cut you. Very little guaranteed money.
soccer of course... after that comes handball and waterpollo, after that voleyball, sky, athletic...
badminton for one of a good exercise as well.....
my favirote sport is climbing mountains .when you reach to top,you can see beautiful scenery and breath fresh air . importantly, relax myself to some extent.
To play: baseball - b/c hitting a fastball is one of the hardest things in sports. Playing outfield on a hard hit ball is a lot of fun.

To watch: American football - b/c it's exciting and raw energy. People hitting each other, out running each other, trickery
My favourite sport is snooker. The main reason for this being that it is what I am best at Smile When I was younger it was football, but a serious injury put paid to that. Snooker is far less hazardous Very Happy
My favorite sport is soccer, it is with the one I identify with. I love playing soccer and watching football. My favorite team is Valencia, a team in Spain. Then, I also like basketball, but do not see as much as football.
soccer... and i think i dont need to explain why... simple, this sport have everything to keep you interested in for a long time... enjoy guys
NBA basketball ... Jordan raise his game and turn it into art.
I like cricket but there is no reason. Cool
I started watching football in 1986 because of Maradona.

I turned into basketball in '90 because of Jordan and still follow the game whole heartedly.

I stop watching cricket because of sachin.
soccer on first place without any doubt... why? you should watch man city - qpr game yesterday...
I like Football and Cricket, I wish to watch Live Football match even in stadium or live telecast in TV, I really enjoy...! but about the cricket only 2nd innings is interesting for me.
Broad jump! laugh
I'm from the USA, and I love soccer, because you have the freedom to score the way you want to. You can also do many different tricks. I love the outdoors when playing soccer. It's great.
My favourite sport is Athletics (Track and field). There is something very natural about it. Who is fastest? Who jumps highest? Who throws farthest? No need for a lot of weird made up rules or judges. I also like it because you can do it on your own and don't need to be owned by a team. It's often not that great to watch on TV because the producers suck.
I like Badminton and Squash. It is amazing how fast you can get exhausted while hunting this little ball without even realizing.
During vacation I like hiking and climbing mountains - the perfect combination of sports and relaxing in and enjoying nature.
My favorite is soccer because it's not too complicated yet exciting and fast-paced. Smile
I like icehockey because it is nice and wild.
I like Bowling because it is fun for me even though I'm not very good at it.
My favourite sport is Motorcycle racing. Whilst I don't participate in races, I love watching MotoGP and WSB races throughout the year!
I ride motorbikes and so can very loosely relate to the experience of riding fast.

I love swimming too, and enjoy watching snooker on tv! Wink

Tennis, I enjoy Wimbledon and a couple of clay tournaments too.
Walking. You can exercice it in any place.
My favorite sport to participate in would probably be tennis. I grew up in high school playing tennis and was a member of the varsity team. I could never really get into watching tennis as a spectator. Ultimately I find it kind of boring unless if I'm an active participant. I was more about power than control. I liked smashing the ball as hard as I could with top spin. In the end, I think it's a great stress reliever and gives a pretty good workout.

If we are talking about favorite sports as a spectator, I'd probably have to go with basketball. I like the fast paced nature of it. As for actually playing the sport? I don't like it. I don't like participating in team sports in general. If it's just me shooting baskets by myself, then I enjoy it.
I started playing football and softball as team sports. But I stuck with basketball for the simple reason that one can play it even on street corners.
I like to play chess. Though not a physical sport, I believe it is very good for one's intellectual growth. I have played chess for many years. However, I do not claim to be an expert. Moreover, I am a student of computer engineering. So, I can use the analytical skills of one discipline in the other. I usually play on It has a really nice interface and there are lots of strong players. My general rating is about 1700 on average. However, I have played a lot of bullet chess [1 min for the whole game]. It's does not really improve one's skills, but it is very entertaining. My username is Nepal8. Please feel free to add me and challenge me to a game any time.
Tennis. It's about the only sport that I understand. And I mean that in a far less sarcastic and far more serious way than people expect.
If you know all the rules, a good game of cricket is an amazing thing to watch

However if it is a boring game, theres is nothing worse! and watching becomes painful

But I guess thats the same with most sports

Soccer and Tennis are great, both sports with 'beauty' in them i reckon

AFL (australian rules football) has a shit ton of rules, but if you know all the rules, you will love the game

In terms of sports I love to play... tennis, frisbee, afl, cricket, soccer... their all great fun Razz
I like football and wrestling. Football is amazing, because you have to depend on your team to be successful, and it feels like you are part of something bigger than yourself. Wrestling is great, because it is the opposite. You are on the mat by yourself, and the outcome is up to you. I really enjoy pretty much every sport, excluding NASCAR and a few others.
I love Gymnastics (ground) and Martial arts.

I picked up both of this because I wanted to do tricks/stunts and whenever I am able to do a new trick, the adrenaline rush I get is always worth the amount of work and hardship from the long hours of training.
My favorite sports to watch: American football, basketball and volleyball. These are all entertaining to watch and for me, I also like how the athletes are so disciplined, hardworking and passionate so they can be winners and champions.
my favorite is basketball....
My favourite sport is soccer. First, it is the most popular sport in my country and second it is very interesting to play because you need to be in a good condition and you should have good tactic and team spirit if you want win a game.
chasbeen wrote:
It's probably the sport you grew up with.
If your from the USA it's probably American football. If your from Europe, South America or even Africa it's probably Soccer.
I am originally from England and grew up with Crickit and Soccer.
My favorite is Soccer. I know all the players and their history. I also feel Inknow how the players feel about playing and love watching the amazing skill levels.
I suppose Incan appreciate what the players are feeling.

What's your favorite sport and why?

My favorite sport would be wrestling , as in high school , college , greko roman , olympic wrestling , i have dont it all my life and started at a very young age. Mainly my dad stressed to me about getting involved in some type of sport and i choose d Wrestling
I like football because its fun to run and play with single ball
cricket is my favourite and it is also our national games.
I like cricket, hockey and base ball.
Football Smile because is the most popular sport in my country and it's the most entertaining sport for me.
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