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Adjustment Bureau

Anyone have any thoughts on this so far?

I haven't seen it at the moment. May. I know it's being billed as the Bourne Identity meets Inception. I'm not sure whether that actually has any kind of truth in it though, or whether that's just a way to get people to watch it. If it is actually true, then it's probably worth watching.

Also, based on a science-fiction novel, so these are all elements that I like being thrown into the melting pot.
I know I want to see it, seem very action packed and very full of suspense. Very Happy
I'm definitely interested, but have not seen it yet.
Has anyone here?
I really want to see this movie as well. It looks really good and trippy too.
Now that I've seen it, I think it was okay, but could have been better. I felt that it was a little too simplistic/I wanted something that went deeper. It was more of a typical Hollywood movie, and I just felt like it wasn't worth seeing in theaters. Good rental, but nothing special.

Also, I felt that the ending was super cheesy.

I don't know I'm sure other people will like it more than I did.
I watched it already. It is an interesting movie.
Story about a strong-willed against fate or destiny really impressed me.
I was thinking about buying a DVD to watch it again.
Just found this thread. Watched it last year, made a big impression on me. Though the ending is predictable, this is something worth watching. And reading. The original and short story by Philip Dick is called Adjustment Team. The film did impress me with its colours, designs, the way the rooms connect and yeah, maybe emotionally.
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