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An ex friend of mine is being a total cow.

Why do females feel the need to be nasty and catty when girls have a disagreement? Why do they try to push all the buttons of the other person? I mean, I'm a female, but I don't act like that at all. I think that a disagreement should be civil and gentle, not a cat-fest. Of course, once she pushes all my buttons, I get mean myself, but that's more due to my autism-caused lack of an anger control line behind my "snapped" line. WHY do females feel the need to be such catty COWS?
It is all you imagination. Wouldn't have happened if you hadn't call her a cow. What buttons. Laughing
LoL I didn't do that to her face, oh god never D:
you know, it's not only women, few people really behave in a civilized way you know, at least it's what i'm noticing, most people will act completelly out of control if pushed outside their confort zone.

There was a time when i was a teenager there was real adulthood... now i realize that adulthood is just a way people have to criticize a form of behaviour they don't accept, it doesn't necessarelly apply to them...

Most "adults" just behave like less loud teenagers you know...

I myself think that this behaviour is due the fact that most people place too much value in the wrong things, and don't really stop to think about what they are doing, behave thorugh impulse or through faux self assurance... most people live and die deluded.

have i gone too far away? Razz

still most of the time girls will go back too their old friendship.
That's because most people are immature. And I would also argue that in no way is this specific only to women.
I do see some clear differences between men and women though, and my hunch is it's influenced by the potential dire consequences of violence, which is used much more frequently by men than women.

Two guys have a dispute, it's either sorted out through verbal argument and they make friends, or they agree to disagree and totally blank each other in future. If the dispute turns into violence however, one guy either wins (or it's a draw sometimes) and the two either make friends (due to alpha status being demonstrated by one), or again, they blank each other in future.

Now with women I've always seen a much more false situation and slyness with tactics.
Firstly for the record I'm certainly not saying this is all females, but the pattern in behaviour between the two sexes is commonly different. I have a twin sister so I learned at an early age that the politics involved between girls in my school years and the male friends I had were very very different.

I've been sat at many tables with a group of female friends when another girl walks over, they all smile sweetly to each other and say Hi, but the second that 'outsider' girl has left the group, they've all said 'Ooh, I can't stand her' or similar lines.
I've asked many times 'why did you even say hi then?' 'two guys would just ignore each other, avoiding the pretence' etc. - I've never got a satisfactory answer though Confused

As I said earlier, my theory is that it must be down to the perceived threat of violence between males. The pecking order of the alpha male psyche (which is effectively dominated by testosterone) seems to make us more honest to each other, or at the very least, less inclined to 'start a war' which will ultimately end up in violence?

In a related sense, I also see much more rude and aggressive language/behaviour from males to each other via the internet than you would commonly see in real life. Safety behind a firewall seems to provide a bravery which you would be surprised to see face to face, unless of course the males concerned want to provoke violence.

Official stat's from the UK regarding male/female violent crime
Men can be dramatic and catty too, but like previously stated, they are more physical then verbal or tactical/catty.

Like, GENERALLY, men would never get in a fight over the same woman unless they're both emotionally invested. One would either concede or give in, or just walk away to avoid an argument, (Or beat the tar out of/threaten the other guy), while women will turn into hissing bitch-cows for lack of better terminology. Or, one guy makes a teasing comment, the other guy usually gets it and either ignores, makes a comment, or tells the other guy to stop, but women make a nasty one back, and some might even make hurtful/catty remarks and insist on being right.

Personally, I can't stand this stuff, and prefer to find a compromise, or walk away....And the girl had the audacity to call me a drama queen when I told her to leave me alone before my temper snaps. Lol...
LittleBlackKitten wrote:
Personally, I can't stand this stuff, and prefer to find a compromise, or walk away....And the girl had the audacity to call me a drama queen when I told her to leave me alone before my temper snaps. Lol...
That does sound like the behaviour of cow, so well-named .... However I do think that pushing buttons is not exclusive to women. Things are quiet in the war zone right now, but one does not have to look further than the Phil&Rel and Politics Forums to notice plenty of buttons pushed by both genders! Twisted Evil
Lol P&R is always a warzone, but it seems to be brewing mostly in that ISLAM topic that the op isn't getting in to. xD. But really, this girl needs to learn to stop pressing my buttons; I'm autistic. That means that the little control mechanism that says "You are mad. Walk away, now." is missing. I literally go from 1 to 10 in a second and I don't stop being angry until the situation is over and has been over and I've had a distraction from it. All my friends know this, yet she insists on pressing my buttons?
LittleBlackKitten wrote:
... yet she insists on pressing my buttons?
Looks as though she has a death wish then. You should be proud of yourself however that you have managed to show restraint to the extent that you must have done?
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