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Anybody have any funny stories to tell?

I almost got arrested for messing around on the road with an old man scoter Laughing
wow, i didn't think everybody was this dull lol Laughing
ok, here's a story: Six years ago now, me and my step brother were asked to start the Barbeque, I was 10 and he was 9. We tried, but it didn't seem to work, the gas was on and everything. So we were looking close to the grill, and I accidentally press the "Ignition" button, not knowing what it did before it burnt our eyebows off. Fortunately, they grew back though.

I hope that made things a little shaper.Wink
I walked through the scanner thingies in our school library - my whole class was in there...
And then the thing started beeping!!!
Heh, It must've looked pretty funny for me to be stealing library books...
Anyway it turned out that what set it off was the DVD in my bag that I was returning after school...
So embarrassing....
pfft thats not soo embarrasing Razz besides the damn alarm in my library is retarded. rather than beeping its this guys voice "You have activated the library alarm system....blah blah blah.." soo annoying Rolling Eyes lets see funny stories... Think well most are just me falling on my face Anxious oh yeah I almost drowned in the school's pool while swimming laps during track practice Confused ... Razz
I was new to school and i had to meet the principal

There was this Huge Alarm outside the principal's room

I just tried to pull the door ...and guesss what the Alarm went off....

For a Second i was shocked ....becos i didn't do anything .....

Later i found that they had this huge alarm which they were using instead of School funny huh......
well a funny story... lol i had one and then i forgot it... hold on....
well i can swim really well, i was fishing and we saw a "bobber" so i went to swim out and get it and this lake is like 50 feet deep anyways i got the bobber but of course it was attached to the tree. so i snapped the line and started to swim back to the boat and i realized it was harder to swim but it was much harder but i got about 10 feet and just stopped so then I was like oh **** so i started to try swimming again and i started splashin water in my mouth cause i was panicing trying to swim and the boat was a party barge and it had a trolling motor and of course the big motor but it takes a while to start up so they started the trolling motor and slowly moved to me for about it seemed 40 secs, and then is when i caught myself and started treading water, but by now i had enough water in my lungs that i could just barely breath and about when the boat got to me i was just about to pass out...
Well it wasnt funny at all... for this minute i couldnt breathe, so i had no strength at all, and for like the next 30 minutes i swear i was like watching myself walk from like a ledge about 100 feet above where I actually was, its kinda funny now and it was funnier to me before i told the story, now i actually think its sad
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