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Forex trading and middle class trader

I think Forex trading is the only an international business in which a middle class person take fact this business is revolutionized by middle class society and you can see this business has become the largest business of the world now....what does it mean?
I t means if we involve the middle class in every sector of business and government all theses sectors will be radically undergoes a change which can perfect all the issues of the world.
Are you a Forex trader? As I am interested to learn. Is this a genuine way of making money? And what should one watch out for training opportunities, as there are so many vultures out there promising all kinds of things for very expensive training. Smile
In my opnion, you could make some decent money trading FX, but it's no way to make a living. There are lots of brokerages that will offer you 40:1 leverage (so with $1000 you can trade up to $40,000, but you have to mainint a 40:1 ratio in your account at all times), so there's a chance to make some nice coin. I also like FX because it is impossible to manipulate. It is one of the most liquid markets in the world, and a large buy/sell order by an institutional effect will have no effect on the currency.
At anyone who is interested to learn, I suggest Babypips.

They have got a pre-school to university type tutorial which is very useful.
saratdear wrote:
At anyone who is interested to learn, I suggest Babypips.

They have got a pre-school to university type tutorial which is very useful.
Thanks Sarat. I had a quick look at it and it may be a good introduction. I like the sense of humour in the presentation, as that always increases my ability to absorb the materials. Will give it a more thorough scrutiny over the weekend. Smile
Yes, forex trading is not easy especially for the beginners. This is very high risk investing scheme, only
10% succeed, it's not for everyone. In my opinion, it harder than trading in stock exchange market. If
interest, you should try it with a demo account to make sure that you suit it before jump in with your
real money. There are some brokerages offer you a free 5-8 USD real money for your real account,
you can try with this margin as well, if you loss all of them think twice before you decide to invest your
own money.

If you want lo learn FOREX trading take a look at this sites. Thosy may help you!!!
Very Happy hi There! Anyone have some class or trade room to share?
Forex trading is beneficial for beginners and also for regular traders. Investing in forex trading is profitable for traders if they have good knowledge and experience.
Forex trading is very time-consuming, unlike stock markets, the Forex market is open 24 hours a day on weekdays. To even have a chance of being successful at Forex, you would probably have to add in an additional 6-8 hours to your already existing 8-hour workday. I highly doubt that any person would want that. Of course, there are some committed folks who are willing to take the challenge, but Forex is mostly 95% luck, despite what Forex gurus and "professionals" may claim. They're the same people who want to use your money ("their service") on Forex because they're too scared to gamble on their own.
Colkins, I am agree with you. You raise very important point. Yes forex trade initially started by middle class peoples and they grow this business at world scale.
Nothing is hard if we want to try in earnest friend.
What are the obstacles you today because maybe you're
not serious to put aside those feelings.
Forex trading has the promise of great riches, but the path is laid with the bones of many
There is only one bone:

Lazy people lose their money doing trading.
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