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Any1 like Motocross?

I love MotoX, i have no idea what id do if i didn't get into this sport. Yet, it comes with the price, lots of injuries. I got stitches in my leg, paralysed upper right back, i got knocked out. I LOVE IT!!! Very Happy
lol yeah it sounds crazy but its prolly alot of fun!!
bigdragon2k3 wrote:
lol yeah it sounds crazy but its prolly alot of fun!!

yeah it is a crazy sport! Im only 14 and i have all those injuries, i don't want to know what happens when im like 30 or so. I'll proabably be dead or a vegatable Laughing
Yeah i like motorcross there's alot of technique in it too.
It hurts when u fall off ur bike, i wouldn't like that if it happend to me.
Yey That´s So Fun^^

Why i like more in this sport is the crazy tricks, and i like too the falls, i know that´s too dangerous, but cause too much emotion when a pilot falls down of your motorcicle... or give a "travel" in the ground hehehe

Im only 14 and i have all those injuries, i don't want to know what happens when im like 30 or so. I'll proabably be dead or a vegatable

Hey, if you have so many injuries from motocross you shold think about an alternative, or maybe very soon you won't be able to ride anymore if you have a big crash.

I rode motocross for 5 years then, because all my friends had many injuries like you, I switched to Enduro. Much safer and just as much fun. You must be very fit though for Enduro. 6 hour races, can be 1 day, 2 or 3 day, and the longest if you are very serious is 6 days.

After 2 years Enduro I switched to Road race. When I did motocross I thought road race was very boring, just a flat boring track, no jumps or anything. But when I tried it, it became my favorite.

I think road racing is brilliant. and not so dangerous as motocross.
I luv motocross...
I always had a facination towards dirt bike.
Just 2 days ago I bought a Suzuki 140cc bike.
Thats kicks ass..
I am gonna mod my bike to look and feel just like a dirt bike.
I am spending abt 20grants on ma bike now.
I bought my bike for 11grants though Very Happy

Motocross RULEZZ any day!!!
Well.. I like to see it.. but do this.. not.. it's to crazy and i am still young so for now it's only to watch it and it's seems like a scary sport but i like to see it
Ofcource it is a crazy sport... and thats the reason why all of us love it Wink
yah mx is so nice Smile any of you guys saw the new Travis and the Nitro circus 3 yet?

wIIpIII Smile Finally a double backflip Very Happy

But there really isn't a lot of Travis in it so It should be Nitro circus and Travis 3 Smile
FMX is good, but Super Cross is great Wink
I don't ride but motox is soo cool Exclamation I made my own forum if you want to check it out. We need members badly. So if you could help me out Arrow Very Happy
I love(d) motocross. We've dropped it though, my brother breaking his femer was too tramatizing for my parents, so my mom and dad sold our motorhome and bikes.

Nothing beats the feeling of clearing that triple. But when you case it it hurts like a mother ....
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