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Melo to the Knicks

Wondering what people think about this trade? Was it worth giving up all the Knicks young talent for Melo and Billups?

The way I see it, the Knicks want to win a championship within the next three years. And that's a tall order given how so many other teams have stockpiled talent (e.g. Miami, LA, Boston, Chicago, San Antonio)

I think it was a good move for the short term. They'll make the playoffs and maybe even win a first round matchup, but beyond that I think it was a bad move for the long term. Melo and Amare don't play defense so they will need to get a big man and or defensive specialist to even have a chance to compete with the elite teams. This will be challenging given the fact that they gave up most of their team for Melo.
I like the move
The team has crashed since an initial peak. I think the fact that few on the team play defense is really going to affect their chances.
I think NY can squeeze out some more wins then whatever they had, since Billups/Melo/Amare can change the close game, or can mark W to their side.

However, in a long run, (assuming their CBA holds up) I don't think NY can lure as many FAs they would hope. CP3 might be there, but I don't see the great PG in him. Deron? maybe, but Dallas will try hard to snatch him.

However, Denver has been cruising w/o melo, and now the drama is off, they are better off in a long run.
THE KNICKS NOW STINK! They don't play defense and I miss Raymond Felton.
They made the playoffs and could cause problems for Miami or Boston if the Big 3 get hot.
However, they still don't play defense and won't go far in the playoffs.
They are playing Boston who is playing really poorly right now. Still I think Boston will get it better and beat the Knicks in the first round. Amare is coming off an ankle sprain and Carmelo is very streaky.

Chauncey looks good though!
At the end of the day, I don't think Melo is a big time player like Amare. He missed way too many clutch shots in the first round vs. the Celtics. He's certainly quick for a big man and can take over games, but i would much rather have a solid point guard than him.
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