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lack of relationships

I live on the arctic polar icecap for the sake of claiming the territory for king george of england.

(kidding) I live in winnipeg because my mom got a really good government job here. She's from new zealand and I'm from pei.

It gets really lonely, I'm in school but I get disillusioned about it pretty quickly. There's so many old, educacated, frozen lonely people aroumd this town, it really preserves a lot of the misery the first settlers must of had to deal with.

People don't really mix here, everybody bails into whatever warm residence they can find and hibernates the winter-long,

I'm at a point where the complete lack of attachment is overwhelming, I'm welcomed basically at the public library where I scare away violent bums. Everyone else is basically in ******-off survival mode. and the streets are ripe with lonely geriatric english teachers picking cigarette butts out of the ice.

And most of all I'm sick of not getting any jobs, of living with my mom ******!

how do yall deal with shitty towns?
I feel for you! Winnipeg of all places, that has to suck badly. What are the horse flies like during the summer? Evil or Very Mad

Seriously though, I've met some really interesting people from Winnipeg in Vancouver, BC. And so there has to be others like you who don't like Winnipeg as well?

Why not try Hatebook as well?

Or maybe you can start a blog on all your pet hates about Winnipeg and see how many people from Winnipeg comment? They may have the potential of being buddies of yours? Very Happy
Start a farm and make money selling produce and meat like everyone else? Laughing
I don't know Winnipeg, but all towns, even the small ones, have places where people do things together, like squares, churchs, fair, things like that.

Look if there's some volunteer job in your town, you won't be paid but you will know people and you will feel satisfied about doing things for others.
The Americans used Winnipeg for a science experiment back in the sixties. Perhaps the effects are still being felt. Actually, I think it was the Indian that settled into that region wasn’t it? Not sure better ask the French. They didn’t find any jobs either except for hunting the beaver.

Stay clear of the “educacated, frozen lonely people” as they might possibly be able to affect your sensibilities with negative propaganda. All in all summer will bring on a new surge of energy. Perhaps, then you can do a thesis entitled “the lost people of poo bear land.”
Identify a need and trust me when you come up with an idea to solve that, you will have all the attention in the world and more.
its true theres lots of people who's very brains have frostbite
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