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How do I add my site in the Frihost Directory?

Hi guys, Ive been searching for this one all day and I can't see anything that tells me the steps required for me to add a site to the frihost directory.

I have checked all possible locations (account, profile etc) and no luck.

Hope someone could enlighten me on this. TIA
You have to look in your Account. Click the last Item in the above list of links after "Competitions", called "Account".

If you check there is an item with a link in it through which you can apply for a Directory listing. It is the second last item right at the bottom of the list:
Request a directory listing.

Took me a while to figure this out too .... Very Happy There probably ought to be some info in the Directory of how one can apply for a listing. Maybe you can post this as a suggestion in the Suggestion Forum?
Moved to Frihost Support.

And, yes, you can request a directory listing through your account page.
Also, as a little tip, I've found that many people don't offer any Frih$ for their listing - so try not automatically starting with the Frih$50 option - try instead spending just Frih$10, and see if your listing then appears at the top Wink ... and if not, you can always just increase your bid afterwards! :p
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