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create webhosting service

how can i start my create webhosting service
phpzone wrote:
how can i start my create webhosting service

are you talking about your frihost webhost?

click the account link on the upper right part (orhere.)

and then look for this:

All requirements to apply for a free web hosting account seem to have been reached. You are allowed to request a free web hosting account here.
well if you want to resell hosting you can just sign up for a resseler account in a normal webhosting , or you can use a VPS server with either the preinstalled hosting manager and server side software or you can install by yourself.

if you want to make a webhosting from scratch, it will involve purchasing a dedicated connection, purchasing and setting up the web server computer, installing all the webserver software, such as apache, mysql , php, mailserver, hosting manager, ftp server, dns server and others.
You can install apache on you local host.
If you are really looking to start your won web hosting company than you need to get you own web server with cpanel like control panel.
If your budget is low than go for reseller web hosting account with reputed webhosting company.
This is an ambiguous question, how about posting more details?
spring567 wrote:
You can install apache on you local host.

I have successfully installed Apache, PHP and MYSQL on an XP computer. Multiple websites working smoothly, as a development box.

Now, I want to expand to have the sites availabel across my local area network with 3 machines networked on a router. Each machine has been set with a static ip. Each machine can ping each other.

The other (Windows 7) machines on same network can browse to website files, but when trying to follow links, instead the links try to open source code. Seems to my I need to change how the files are reached.

I went ahead and tried to edit the httpd.conf to include
Listen *:80
as suggested elsewhere. Then I stopped & restarted Apache service.

However, the connection fails before returning an error message that says "The remote computer isn’t responding to connections on port 80, possibly due to firewall or security policy settings, or because it might be temporarily unavailable. Windows couldn’t find any problems with the firewall on your computer."

I can't figure out the apache dilemna, and appreciate any help!
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