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Any tips on how to prepare and deliver good speeches?

Hi i'm a first year college here in my country. English is my second language and I'm having a hard time at speaking it fluently and spontaneously. Earlier today in my communications class, I gave an impromptu speech about some TV show here and the youth. I was able to prepare and deliver around 3 minutes (minimum was 5) of the speech and when it came to the part i wasn't able to prepare, I just sat down and didn't even finish with a conclusion.

This happened two weeks ago too, just saying two sentences and stood there for two minutes. mental blocked.

And now, we have a prepared speech next week, I really want to improve my way of speaking (that's why i took this class) because someday I know that I'll need this skill. So if anyone has any tips for me, on how to improve my speaking/speech delivering skills, I'll appreciate it. Very Happy thanks
When you have insecurity and anxiety before delivering your presentation, you may allow those feelings to influence your thoughts about your presentation. This is not likely to make you feel more confident! Have you ever had these thoughts before speaking: “This group does not want to hear what I have to say!” “Why didn’t I spend a little more time practicing?” “That joke I want to tell isn’t even funny.” “Why did I accept this speaking engagement—I’m not a speaker.” Those thoughts of self-doubt can make you even more anxious and insecure.

Don’t let yourself think those thoughts. Fill your mind with words of confidence. Sentences I find to be powerful positives are: “I have prepared well for this presentation.” “What I have to say will be helpful to this audience.” “We will have fun together with this presentation.” “I am qualified to talk on this subject.”
forgot to mention prepare ahead for the scripts you plan to use to talk to yourself. In fact, to get in the habit, have a note card with these sentences or similar sentences with your presentation notes to remind you. Scripting these thoughts out will mechanically motivate you to get rid of the negative thoughts; you cannot think a positive and negative at the same time. preparation is the key.

This habit of focusing on positive words to say to yourself will also help you in other parts of your lives. Some of you may remember the Transcendental Meditation craze of a few decades ago where you relaxed for 20 minutes by sitting in a quiet place and saying a mantra over and over. This idea follows that model, except you pick a mantra that specifically relates to an area you are trying to improve on. For example, pick certain words to remind you of what you should be doing and how you should be doing them. To help pay attention to the important things, use positive reminders. Some of my favorites are “Do it now,” “Don’t tell everything you know,” “Write it down,” “Eat a piece of fruit,” “Drink water instead of Pepsi.” Repeat these to yourself when needed and you will pay better attention.
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