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Wordpress Sidebar Code

Hi, my name is Dave and I have a frihost hosted Wordpress website I chose the EvoLve theme from Blogatize, abd I have built a lot of content into the site.

I'm a newbie, and not a code writer so I have made a huge mistake in backing up the site, and was not using the backup feature in Direct Admin, I was using my FTP program "filezilla". I didn't realize that the theme appearance was stored in the database. Rookie mistake and my bad eh?

I added a picture to the header using the new page titled "EvoLve Settings" added to the wordpress dashboard for my theme. Once I added the picture, I did not like it, and there was no way to remove the picture. Only option was to hit the reset button on that page that resets the entire site appearance to default. I did so, and it changed the entire appearance of the site, narrowing the sidebar and making some of my ads appear off center in their respective fields. I attempted numerous fixes for this, and none worked.

I went to the Theme's support website and explained my problem, creator offered one fix, and when that didn't work, blew me off.

I know that people that can write PHP, HTML, XHTML and other code get very annoyed that an ignorant idiot asks for help with the code, and generally will not help, and have the attitude, "figure it out for yourself.

So I've come here to ask for help with my problem. I am sorry I'm a dummy and don't understand how this all works. or how or where the features of the sidebar are coded or where. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Whining pays off, I complained to the theme designer for my wordpress site, and he logged in and fixed the code. I thought that was really nice.

The fix he gave me was he put code into a "Custom CSS" field on the "styles" tab on the Settings page in the wordpress dashboard:

.widget_execphp .widget-content .execphpwidget {

Fixed it!

I immediately backed it up and I'm ready to start posting again! Cool
Nice info
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