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Subash Chandra Bose

Mr. Subahsh chandra Bose the Lion of Indian freedom struggle. He thought that Gandhian principles could only be used when the other person values it. As far as Subhash is concerned her thought that , its our right to to be free and we have to achieve it with vengeance.
It looks like he was a very interesting guy. Apparently he committed early to total independence for India, and went so far as to work with the Axis powers against England.

He probably is not as well known today as he ought to be because he compromised his integrity somewhat by working with evil forces, and was seen as too extreme. Nevertheless I think he was important to India's achievement of independence precisely because he was consistent in pushing the movement in that direction.
He is a well known person in India
@icool, if I understand you correctly, you suggest Mr. Bose believed that Gandhi's path of moral persuasion and civil disobedience would only be effective if the opposing forces had high moral values themselves. I entirely agree with that judgment. I believe, and apparently Gandhi believed, that the English people had high moral standards. I view the success of the independence movement as confirmation of that view.

It appears that Bose did not think the English would respond to Gandhi's movement. It is understandable that people might agree about that, especially since the English government was often very harsh against the freedom movement.

@yagnyavalkya, can you provide a link to a web page or published materials which would help an outsider to appreciate the importance of Bose to the success of the movement? While it appears he did influence the Indian people to continue demanding independence, it would appear to me that he compromised the morality of the movement. If he was seen by the English public as an immoral thug, and as important to the movement, they might have been less willing to make concessions because of him.
hmm I disagree with that, only after gandhiji provoked people of India and though not violence but disobedience and power of people made the british rule pretty weak coz they weere ruling Indians using Indians . Thus when no one obeyed their orders, they were eventually over powered. And their policy of Dived and rule failed with such an upsurgence of freedom movement. Hence they were deemed to move out.
@icool, I'm not sure what you disagree with. I do believe Bose helped Gandhi in his efforts for non-violent disobedience. You suggest that effort succeeded because it is hard for England to rule India without their cooperation. I totally agree that is true, and India achieved independence because England gave up.

I read other information which suggested Bose was willing to use violent means. He may have believed England would not give up easily, but would rule by fear and torture if necessary. I can't find enough information to find out if this is correct.

I personally think part of the reason England gave India its independence is because the English people would not have tolerated extreme measures to rule by fear. I do believe that some other countries, for example Germany under Hitler, would have used torture and other measures in similar circumstances, because the public there would not have complained effectively about such action.
My childhood hero. We Indians are callas that we are not able to find out his death time and relating issues.
Subash Chandra Bose was a great leader during his time, and although he did not share the mindset of Gandhi, regarding peace through non-violence, he was still a major factor in part of India's independence.
He was called Netaji during his time, and during world war II, he went to the Axis alliance countries to try and get them to fight the British forces in India. He convinced the Japanese of this and formed an Army from the Indians who were prisoners of war.
England gave up power through Gandhi, more because it was in an international spotlight, rather than their moral values at hand. I think Gandhi knew about this, and tried to spread about non-violence, through the news and international reporters, so that the world would see what England was really upto at the time, and this also led to England retreating eventually from India.
Still, as much as Bose had a hand in India's independence... most of the credit goes to Gandhi.
I don't think that Bose joined the Axis forces because he was evil.... he wanted freedom, and saw an opportunity from the Axis forces. one of his slogans during the British reign of India was "Give me blood, I'll give you freedom." So I guess he was an extremist, but to his own right, and I'm glad he fought for India's freedom.
can anybody inform me what is the link between Subhas Chandra and the Sadhu of Shoulamari
first of all its not HER its HIM!
As far as Bose is concerned, we'd be seeing a lot more about him had the Axis powers won the war lol
An interesting thing (and this is probably a rumor, some sort of a conspiracy theory at least) is that his death (by plane crash) is considered as either faked by himself so that he could make an escape or an assassination by his enemies (and I'm pretty sure he made lots of enemies)
Subhas Bose ( popularly called as Netaji) was the first person who snatched the Andaman & Nikobor island from the British and named them as Shahid & Swaraj islands. The first flag of independent India was hosted there long before the 15th August, 1947.

And yes, he took the help for ammunition and Indian POWs from Germans and Japanese during world war to construct his army (Named Azad Hind Force) for freeing India. There was nothing wrong with that (IMHO). He simply used the principle that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend " , it is a very popular principle for any kind of war.

Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the most dynamic leaders of India's struggle of independence. He is popularly known as Netaji. I really admire him alot and he is my ideal.
Here is a rare picture of Subhas Bose and his associates. Hope you will like it.

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