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learning from Opensource!

Opensource has always been a thing of appreciation. It has led to the faster development of many scripts that are available. today. Its a great learning experience. You have the source code and you can try and edit thee code and see its action. So In that way we can learn a lot of things
I think it hugely depend on the size and complexity of the opensource projects. Some a so big and complex, that you need deep inside knowledge to even be able compile it. Also when the projects lack of documentation, its very hard to "play around" in the source code.
However looking into open source project is a good way in order to improve your understanding on how software could/should be designed and to improve your understanding of the programming language, used standards, protocols, etc. itself.
Open source is winning the battle against proprietary software because it is written for free by people passionate about the creation of a beautiful thing.
That's why it's ALWAYS better.
When big companies try to write "innovative" software it's inferior because the software is produced using the opinions and influence of many with different ulterior motives.
I am running a social networking site with the help of an open source sript. And it works like a charm. I have learnt a lot of things with the help of it.. Hmm yeah it lacks proper documentation though. But as it is not much complex as I thought it would be, I am able to understand its programming structure the and flow.
I can't agree more! I love reading opensource scripts to learn something. But copyright infrigement seems to be worsen in this field.
Opensource is great.
The fact that one can modify it to fit their needs is one of the highlights of opensource.
Also that it is free is another.

Since a lot of companies and individuals use opensource, and have a community driven factor on it, it becomes a bit easier for support as well.
I think though that although opensource is free, the support is chargeable from established organizations, such as Redhat Enterprise Linux, but if you want free support you cound download CentOS or Fedora, which are free, and there are forums usually that deal with problems and rectifications.
Yeh open source is future just look at PHP, how many MVC frameworks had been created codeigniter, cakephp, zend. even now look at the CMS joomla, drupal, wordpress, megento. The IT industry has grew more because of open source. Microsoft and Java and other companys which are not open source have very high liensense prices. the growing economies can not afford them so open sources is answer to them. also the good thing about open sources are that you find a lot of help on google and their communities and forums even u can find codes edit them accordingly and get ur tasks done. but still people are learning more so this is good way of sharing your knowldege and expanding it. my votes r with open source and veto to high liencense products. defnatly they r companys they do deserve price to their products but they r far expensive and out of reach.
Opensource is a great way to learn how to code and how things like that work in general. I've learned HTML when I was younger just by looking at source code of websites.
Many large applications are open source. People just don't know it.
it's true. opensources is really nice. you feel free in it.
The most important thing is mastering the source code, then you can change them to act in the way you want
yes, learning in open source codes are great, and their apps is also nice, we can use apps / softwares for free instead of buying or trials.
Are you a teeth? Because i can't smile without you xD
From with Love
This website comprises almost opensource Operating Systems . From that you can access through many websites and documentions related to Opensource .
Agreed, open source is great. In fact, some of the most popular CMS are open source like Joomla! and Wordpress. Its unfortunate that most of the 'reliable' extensions are commercial though the experts can always find their way around.
learning to code from opensource is actually a hard task, because many projects are much more advanced then what beginers may get
I think the amount of benefit you can get from the source code in terms of improving your programming ability depends, in part, on your current programming ability. However, I agree that it is potentially the best resource to learn some good programming habits. Plus, it helps to get a greater appreciation of the programming language one is learning.
i really admire open source.

When i meet Joomla i find home and i can express my self on what i am doing.

At first it was a hard thing but later on i get feel and addicted to it. lol
Open source is an amazing movement and a great way to learn, find useful code, advance programs... basically make the world of programming keep going around.

I'm not going to be out there and say that everything must be open source, but I'm very thankful for the huge amount of open source code available.
Open Source, that is my way of life!
Open source programs/scripts are great! The open code has helped me learn as well as allowed me to created something that is my own. I've found this to be especially true in the case of web apps like Wordpress.
It's funny how this goes against many things that people believe about how the world works. Since there is no money in this, how can open source even work? Who is crazy enough to work for free? And worst of all - how can people be persuaded to use a product that anyone can dismantle and research and there is no government body that regulates this "market"?!


Nah, I'm joking Razz . But it illustrates certain points remarkably well. Not political points, but it reflects human nature as well how a completely free market could work. There's no regulation in open source, there's no discrimination. If you don't like a project - fork it and push it your way. If you're black, jewish, woman, homosexual - no one cares as long as your code passes tests and isn't resource hungry.
This area of our world doesn't have any regulations and yet it has become one of the most dynamic and egalitarian creations that I am aware of.

I also think it's an exciting thought experiment because this could foreshadow the future - a world where producing things is cheap, all you need is a bunch of skilled architects that are willing to make blueprints for free, because the act of creating and sharing brings much joy in itself.
learn the basics from a website like then start tingling with open source projects. You can get the experience another person gets in 1/10th of the time that s/he has spent.
chasbeen wrote:

That's why it's ALWAYS better.

I love opensource, but your statement is a bit exaggerated, and generally it's not true.
Name one opensource software you think is better than other proprietorial equivalences. If you can name it, then you really should question mankind's intelligence for still paying money for less useful things.
Currently I use Ubuntu so most of the tools I use are opensource, but I also use Windows 7 because there's a lot of things you simply CANT do with a free operating system. E.g: 3D designing, Video editing, WYSIWYG wedsite building...
Opensource is good for learning, period. They're not really for professional use.
I think Notepad++team is an open source program? I know it has the gnu licence. Although a little program I really respect all the features it has compared to say Notepad. Also, is Blender considered open source as compared to Maya? Not sure on that one.

Professional to me is only a term that implies it is good.

For example, in os, ms windows could be considered professional, yet its market is aimed at the average user where lynx which is open source is used by professional server specialists. I don't get it?
ately companies have been paying more attention to open source. Ten years ago there seemed a real danger Microsoft would extend its monopoly to servers. It seems safe to say now that open source has prevented that. A recent survey found 52% of companies are replacing Windows servers with Linux servers.

More significant, I think, is which 52% they are. At this point, anyone proposing to run Windows on servers should be prepared to explain what they know about servers that Google, Yahoo, and Amazon don't.

But the biggest thing business has to learn from open source is not about Linux or Firefox, but about the forces that produced them. Ultimately these will affect a lot more than what software you use.

We may be able to get a fix on these underlying forces by triangulating from open source and blogging. As you've probably noticed, they have a lot in common.
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