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School Chairs

I'm currently corresponding with the canadian education association about possibly setting up an initiative to provide schools with new or used and recovered lazy boy recliners, or else some less expensive form of comfort providing seat.

It's most just for the laugh of it, but I had a seriously hard time dealing with the uncomfortable school chairs I grew up with, so if I can convince them to provide any kinds of superior chairs, I will be pleased.

Please share your stories of uncomfortable seating in public (or private!) schools.
But if you give them comfortable chairs, then there's no way they could possibly stay awake during class!
We used to have wooden benches(without cushion) in our school.But we also had outdoor classes where we used to sit under the tree in a circular fashion. It was fantastic to study within nature.We used to sit on small thick cloths which we had to carry individualy.During rainy season, we used to sit inside classroom in long benches.This was upto school level.In college level, we used to share the wooden bench in a twin sharing basis.The benches were integrated with the writing tables.I never had the opportunity to sit on the chair in my entire education life(Till Masters).
wood is always the best material for furniture / buildings / etc.

But like, by age 13 - 14, you're not really running around outside anymore, not in my old school anyways. By that age, you're pretty much ready to buckle down and write assignments based on skimming wikipedia articles! (haha)

And as far as kids staying awake... I'm sorry, but if the kid can't stay awake on their own, then there's some other problem outside of school that needs to be dealt with. Torturing them with improper chairs solves nothing.

Hilariously enough, I contacted the Canadian Education Association about this quarry, and they instructed me to get in contact with the school boards, so in turn I sent a mass email to all the 5-million schoolboard chairspeoples in my province about improving the quality of their school chairs!

Next I'm gonna write to TROMA studios and ask them to address this in their next Toxic Avenger movie. The origial toxic avenger and subsequent simpsons / family guy / south park made me realize the effectiveness of being a jerk n nagging people with black humor!

I am gonna email lloyd kaufman if my demands are not met right away.
captainsuperdude wrote:
wood is always the best material for furniture / buildings / etc.

Rolling Eyes

Except when plastic, metal, concrete, or rock is.
i can't take credit for this quote, but:

If you're worried about the chairs in school, you're worrying about the wrong end of the student.
We had wooden benches (no pillow), we school.But we also had outdoor classes where we used to sit in a round timber. E 'was great to study nature.We used to sit on the thick ropes that had been made individualy.During rainy season, we used to sit inside the classroom until the school was also benches.This college level level.In We used to share a wooden bench for people to share basis.The benches have been incorporated in the tables of writing. I never had the opportunity to sit in a chair in my entire life education (up to Masters).

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More the pain - More is the gain Wink But on the serious side of it - Yes having comfortable chairs must keeping in mind a teenager spending nearly a fourth of his teenage life sitting on them. Good luck with your aim...
I remember when I was in elementary, I had this horrible chair. Everyone sits in armed chairs and my chair has no arm. And the legs are not even even. Horrible! Then I noticed other classes. Some students sit on the floor and some brings their own mono-block to school so they can have a comfortable seat. I can understand the pain of students in public schools here in the Philippines. The books especially. I could have been a bookworm or probably a lot smarter if only I had decent books.
Just read the OP. Lazy boys? are you serious?
school chairs in the Philippines is made of wood and most of them are defective.
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