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Catastrophes: Are we prepared yet?

Judging from the course of events that have taken place since December last year, it seems that Man is still unprepared for many catastrophes to come.

The tsunami, the earthquakes, the hurricanes, the floods...

Nothing has changed. Crying or Very sad Shocked
and that is normal we dont know when this thing happen specialy earth quake..

so we need to be carefull thats all we can do Very Happy
can we really be prepared for catastrophies? Apparently they wont be catastrophy if we can be fully prepared... just my 2 cents worth!
I think that we could be more prepared than we are now. For instance, catrina. The people of New Orleans (now Lake Orleans) knew that a catagory 5 hurricane would eventually hit them. They knew that they were in a bad spot. But they still had levies (forgive my spelling) that could only handle type 3 storms. They didn't want to spend the money. It wasn't an issue of them not having the money, they just didn't want to spend it. I think this happens a lot in things. Sometimes important things get pushed aside on the budget of things just so other things can get paid for. If i lived in a town below sea level i would rather have my tax money go towords the safety of the city not some other political offairs. Now i dont know the whole situation there, I don't know what the money did go to, but now orleans is under water and something could have been done to stop it. There are a lot of tragedies in the world that could have been prevented.
An interesting point: During the tsunami, an asteroid of devastating size passed by earth. Researchers didn't have a lot of information on the path of the object, and as it aproached, the chances of our paths meeting escellated.
The article was in the Planetary Report. Here is a quote:

"The world watched in horror as the earthquake-generated Indian Ocean tsunami devastated shorelines and population. This unprecedented human tragedy diverted media attention from a discovery which kept the entire near-Earth object (NEO) community abuzz. It appeared that a recently detected asteroid, designated 2004MN4, had a 1 in 37 probability of a collision with earth in April 2029."
So we have about 24 years to prepare.
The asteroid was 14 million kilometers away from earth dec. of 2004. That's really close.
I'm interested to see what will happen.
Nobody can be prepared for catastrophes. Stuff like earthquakes and other natural disaster are just devistating and unstopable. All we can do is mop up afterwards and worry about the catastrophes we can stop (ie. WARS and starvation)
we can never be prepared fully..but we may be aware
All we can do is try and predict when any catastrophy is going to happen and try and heed to that advice (Like evacuating a town when there have been warning about the upcoming disaster), and wait till the disaster is over clear up the mess and try and pick up your life from where you left off.
as far as earthquakes and tsunamis are concerned, there is an extent that our knowledge can predict catastrophies. But some we can predict fairly well. Storms are inevitable. Coastline cities are at high risk especially those beneath sea level. An asteroid having a 1 in 37 chance of hitting us in 24 years is pretty predictable. Some things are predictable, some are inevitable. Someday, we will be able to predict eqrthquakes by studying the plates and things. Most natural desasters can be predicted and prevented. Some more than others.
i'm prepared!!!!
i have an gun for destroy it! Razz
S3nd K3ys
I am prepared. Food. Water. Cash. Batteries. Fresh Ammunition. Wink
Well thats what life is....
how can u predict when and where the next catastrophy will we can never be prepared...just be ready for the worst...
To my mind you can do little to prepare. You can adapt.

If you really could prepare, it would be an Event.
You can only make little changes to give you and yours a better chance of adapting to the unknown ahead.

However, (there is aalways one) for Governments the case is different. From what I've seen during the latest happenings in the States, it seems the management (has been) is more interested in scoring for their nearest supporters than caring for their country.

As for Louisiana, watch the areas most flooded be bought up for little (the poor being bought off by pittence), new, better dikes thereafter being constructed and Halliburton move in to construct upmarket estates.

*Black helicopters fade out of the geezers head*
The preparation costs a lot of money but the countries united can make a difference , most of all if people work together then we can be able to make changes , like one story about tsunami here it is .

Long ago a group of poor Chinese settlers came upon a sprawling field of valley floor�strategically lying between the rocky slopes of a nearby mountain and the salty shores of the China Sea�a flatland of earth, perfectly suitable for planting and farming rice. They built their village high up on flat rocky promontory from where they could gaze down upon their new farmland in the valley and out beyond the shoreline to the Azure sea.

One late summer�s afternoon when most of the village had trekked down the slope to the fields below, one of the women who remained in the village that afternoon happened to glance up from her work and squint toward the sea. Her eyes meandered out to the distant sea horizon, when with startled fear she recognized the ominous surge of the sea their Japanese neighbors called a tsunami�a tidal wave.

A faraway seismic tectonic shift in the ocean bed had created this gathering massive wall of water that appeared to be silently thundering toward their shoreline.

For a moment she froze, realizing that nearly the entire village was obliviously harvesting their grain along the shoreline, unaware that they faced impending disaster. The incoming tsunami would obliterate all who were toiling in the farmland beneath the afternoon sun.

Unless she could warn them.

She screamed to the few villagers who had remained up the mountain with her. In panic they began to yell and wave and scream to their family and children and friends below. But it was wasted effort�they were too far away.

With the racing incoming tsunami, there was no time for them to stumble down the rocky slopes to the valley below. They must get the attention of the villagers below instantly or all below would be lost!

It quickly became apparent that they needed something catastrophic to arouse their endangered families below. The woman and her companions knew what they must do. It would be a terrible price to pay. But if the doomed villagers were to be saved, the price must be paid.

Quickly seizing firebrands from their cooking fires the woman and her mountainside companions torched their own thatch-roofed homes.

One by one the houses of the mountainside village erupted in orange flames and billowing black smoke. And one by one the bent-over heads of the villagers below jerked upward to the pluming smoke of their burning village.

With adrenaline pumping, the entire valley floor of villagers raced back up the mountain to save their burning homes. When in panting fatigue they arrived above they were met by the woman and her neighbors who solemnly pointed back out to sea. The villagers turned in shock to watch the roaring wall of water obliterate the farmland they had been harvesting minutes before.

It had taken something catastrophic to warn of an even greater destruction impending.

There indeed do come desperate times when it takes something catastrophic to get our attention and warn of an even greater destruction impending. Could it be that many of us play and study and labor utterly oblivious to the impending disaster that is about to come upon this earth? Could it be that on the distant horizon there is an approaching and potentially imminent cataclysm that will destroy all the earth, an impending catastrophe that today can only be seen by the One who from his divine heights knows and sees all?

Could it be that above the din and noise of America's national calamity the entire world hears the crying, pleading voice of One who desperately seeks to get our attention, to awaken us from our oblivious stupor, to warn us of an impending end?

In the crucifixion of Jesus, the One who is unwilling that any should perish set His own house on fire in order to get our attention. And could it be that through every disaster that sin has brought on the earth we can discern God's passionate cry warning us to flee an even greater disaster that is coming? God, using the suffering that sin instigates, to make a 911 call to us?

And could it be that the towering wall of roaring oblivion is much closer than we've thought?
Well I wouldnt say everyone is unprepared. Plus their are many factors for this, Such as Lack of Funds, No interest by the governing body. Ect. all that adds up to tell a whole story.
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