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5 Best Open Source Remote Desktop Software 4 linux

hey guys just want to share this cool stuffs I just read from JUN AUZA's article at techsource

you can read the full article here

JUN AUZA wrote:

RealVNC (Free Edition)
RealVNC is platform-independent remote desktop software that has a server and client application for the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocol. It was created by some of the original VNC team members at AT&T. RealVNC is available in three editions: Free, Personal, Enterprise. The free and open source edition runs on different flavors of UNIX, and an updated and customized version of it is available in almost all Linux distributions. RealVNC relies on the RFB (remote framebuffer) protocol for connectivity.

Some of the latest features and enhancements of RealVNC (Free Edition):

* Ability to remote the native X display (":0")
* Improved VNC server configuration
* Improved support for X selections (cut & paste)
* Improved viewer with better user interface
* Viewer options can be changed on the fly
* Improved full-screen mode

rdesktop is an open-source client for Microsoft's proprietary RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol. It currently runs on most UNIX based platforms with the X Window System. rdesktop is often used on desktop Linux installations to connect to Windows computers (Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7) running Remote Desktop Services.

rdesktop implements a large subset of the RDP 5 protocol such as:

* Automatic authentication
* Smartcard support
* RemoteApp like support called "seamless" mode via SeamlessRDP
* Mappings for most international keyboards
* Stream compression and encryption
* Bitmap caching
* File system, audio, serial port and printer port redirection
* Automatic authentication

Vinagre is a VNC client for the GNOME (included in GNOME 2.22) desktop environment. It has replaced xvnc4viewer as the default VNC client in the latest Ubuntu version. Vinagre has several unique and handy capabilities like allowing users to connect to multiple servers simultaneously and switch between them by tabs, VNC servers browsing and bookmarking. Although, it lacks other features existing in other VNC clients, like establishing an SSH tunnel, or controlling frame compression, color depth and frame rate. The user interface of Vinagre has already been translated into more than 40 different languages.

TightVNC is free and open-source remote desktop software that uses and improves VNC's RFB protocol. To enhance performance over low bandwidth connections, it applies 'tight encoding' of areas that is practically a combination of JPEG compression and other types of encoding. At a low frame rate, it is said that it's possible to watch videos and play DirectX games through TightVNC over a broadband connection.

Some of the main features of TightVNC:

* Scaling of the remote desktop
* Automatic SSH tunneling
* Full compatibility with the standard RFB protocol used in VNC
* Enhanced web browser access
* Support for two passwords, full-control and read-only\

Grdc (GTK+/Gnome Remote Desktop Client)
Grdc (GTK+/Gnome Remote Desktop Client) is a GTK+ and GNOME-based remote desktop software that has the ability to connect to a VNC platform (using libvncserver0) as well as to Windows Terminal Servers (with rdesktop). Aside from the main program, a GNOME applet support for the client is available using the 'grdc-gnome' package.

Here are some other features of Grdc:

* Provides a list of remote desktop files for most frequently used servers
* Ability to make quick connections by directly putting in the server name
* Remote desktops with higher resolutions are scrollable/scalable in both window and fullscreen mode
* Viewport fullscreen mode: remote desktop automatically scrolls when the mouse moves over the screen edge.
* Floating toolbar in fullscreen mode, allows you to switch between modes, toggle keyboard grabbing, minimize, etc.

You should also add teamviewer and showmypc to that list. Those are also two great remote desktop programs that are compatible with both Linux and Windows.
I found tightvnc very much useful. Very simple to use. However, the drawback is, you cannot make a connection outside the network. i.e., You can view a computer on the network. Correct me if I'm wrong as I wasn't able to.
harihb wrote:
I found tightvnc very much useful. Very simple to use. However, the drawback is, you cannot make a connection outside the network. i.e., You can view a computer on the network. Correct me if I'm wrong as I wasn't able to.

TightVNC works like other VNC clients and can connect outside the network. In fact I used tightVNC today !!

To connect outside the network , you need to port-forward the appropriate ports in the router's settings.

Look up port forwarding on Google. It is very interesting what you can do with tightVNC on APril Foolsa DAy Smile Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile Smile Cool
I have teamviewer on my windows, it's the most stable remote desktop software ...

hope it's in linux
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