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who is your life partner?

How do we choose our right mate for life.. ? whom could we trust? How will our better half make our life more interesting>?
icool wrote:
How do we choose our right mate for life.. ? whom could we trust? How will our better half make our life more interesting>?

note: this is just my own opinion

pray to God if he/she is the one for you..(try to listen to the song "when God made you" by newsong.
Test the waters. Maybe one year of friendship is enough.

For me bestfriends our better couple than just a love at first sight. Bestfriends know each other weather in ups or in down of life.

the secret ingredient is both are ready to give. I think that is the best way to make life more interesting, you don't expect something from your partner (because you just want to give) but you still receive.

again this is just my own opinion! I hope it can help! Very Happy
the right partner could be choosed to many criters like trust love care ...
nigam should pray to God and the right partner will come to you and you will know it...
I can say that my girlfriend is my life partner !! Laughing

I'm very gratefu to god that he gave me such a good love partner !! she is very trusty worthy beautiful etc...!! Smile
icool wrote:
How do we choose our right mate for life.. ? whom could we trust? How will our better half make our life more interesting>?

all questions will not provide you a direct answers. What i mean? it simply means you cannot determine right away who to choose, who to trust and having interesting life.

i believe the answers to your questions will only exists time to time as the days goes by, as the you go along with the person for the mean time you choose to fell in love.

Although there are some facts, principles and beliefs that may applicable to this kind of approach. Smile
Well one thing I can say based on my won experience is that, what you pray for is what you get.

Pray about everything that you want in the person from the way they look and act, example something unique that you would want to person to poses as in character (though you may not get it all).

Open up your heart to the people that come your way with a distinct discernment and you will know that the one that you find will indeed be the one that you have been looking for.
Who is yu ideal life partner? It is worthy of thinking about carefully.Different people have different ideas.There are always general characters among us.To hope he/she should be very special,intelligent,very kind and live by spiritual principles.he/she should beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.
If u want to find a ideal life partner,you would better do yourself very well first.That means open wide the door of yu heart with kindness and honest when u communicate with others.At that time,U will become very atractive to others.
A lasting relationship will depend on good communication.U must be a good listener when yu partner is sharing her the joy and suffering.She need be understand deeply by u.She feel cherished and respected with u.U will have a good start.
I think life partner is equal to so-called soul mate.I always want to call her/him when u feel lonely or need help.U share yu experience,even the secrets with her/him without any hesitating.Sometimes he/she is just like a mirror reflect yu merit or defect.U can improve yourself by the way. Laughing
you can choose using your ideal perspective. or by praying for the right person. I had this lots of stories for decades and i believe most of the time, the person you never expect, the person you will be with forever.

It's not easy to choose the person you want to live with forever especially when your experience about love is not that good enough! But well who can say, the world revolves and as it goes, things changes as many things happens.
my husband.
i think we are the perfect partner.
icool wrote:
How do we choose our right mate for life.. ? whom could we trust? How will our better half make our life more interesting>?
I guess by making the best of ourselves first. If we are sorted out in what we want in life, if we make sure we are growing all of the time in our own selves, instead of expecting our partners to fulfil us and make us grow, then the relationship will always be interesting. I guess we also have to be able to trust ourselves first in order to trust others. If we cannot trust others, then we have already written a script for trust problems. Amazing how people who cannot trust others always seem to attract people to them that are not trustworthy!

Topic is very nice and i think every person want to talk on this topic.Every person say right,But I think our parents knows very well who very perfect for our life mate,Because our parents have idea.

Thanks Smile
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it's not a easy thing to find life partner. but i think at least the life partner should have the same characters with you . she/he can know you and help you when you have difficulties.
For me my greatest partner would be understanding! Who will always understands and support all my doings all through the way! Hope i could find her.
I think My Wife and me are great partner.
My life partner is myself, I've had relationships, they come and go, but the only relationship that counts is with yourself in the end. Most of my female relationships have ended because I discovered their lies and actions that they covered up, and could no longer trust them. The problem with so many relationships is that they turn abusive and one part becomes angry with the other, and they stay that way for decades together.

So many times people stay in bad situations for the kids, or because they are afraid of moving on, and the lose themselves in their fake behavior attempting to avoid conflict and abuse from their partner. The control and ugliness that I've been on the receiving end of, has left me no choice but to get to know myself and what I like, love, want, and enjoy in life, and express that with my own actions, and choices.

If a partner comes along that is the same way, and fun to be with and trustworthy, then cool, but if that person never comes, being happy within myself is more important that being happy because I have someone that loves me.

Love yourself first!
my life partner is my computer and songs..friends

Me and my wife are good partners of life
His wife and only wife, my partner in life! Rolling Eyes
icool wrote:
How do we choose our right mate for life.. ? whom could we trust? How will our better half make our life more interesting>?

I have find my soul mate. but i am still thinking if i am wrong, why haven't we still realize it. my best friend. oh. its fooling me. i go crazy about it. because i cant even think of anything else.
my best friend is my best partner in my life..
By now, my two cats.

People seem not to be pretty interested on living with me, ha, ha, ha.
This time Study and computer is my life partner.
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