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Chinese pad

This is more a complaint than a support question.

My X-brother in law gave my niece a Chinese pad for her high school degree. I borrow it since I wanted to test the hardware, thinking on develop apps for this kind of devices.

The cited tablet had Android (not google approved device obviously).

In less than two days I found a "lovely" kernel bug, when I tried to lower the screen brightness it went to black.... and never returned.

It was last year and I started my support ordeal. First, asking support and receiving an answer, we are on hollydays because of New year (it was dcecember, let me see, New year? aren't you Chinese?) When they came back sent me a couple of scripts that left the tablet in a worse state.

Then finally they told me, ok, sent it back we will fix it here. Ok, I paid half of its original price sending it back, when I came to fedex track I saw a message "clearance delay", so I wrote them Did you know about this? then they answer. Oh yes, we are on holydays because of Chinese New Year up to feb 9th.

What???? Two new years celebrations....... I'm still waiting.... I'll tell you the end of the story.... one of this new years.....
An update. The pad is sticky on China customs, because someone there thinks it's a genuine iPad and is trying to charge in taxes almost it's brand new price.

This is a really interesting experience....... I tell you more.... soon.... or later.
I can't believe, it's still in China!!!!!

What's what you call service.......
When you send something back to china they will fck with it, charge ridiculous amounts amount of money and never give it back. I learned this many years ago.
Looks like buying a new one would have been easier ... Confused

Any luck, did you get it back ?

BTW, what was the name of the tablet ?
I just want to know, so I can avoid it.
Well you get what you pay for, initially at least! Anything extra is punishment Razz
I heard that the best (and illegal, mind you) way to import Asian electronic junk is to smuggle it, but it's still Asian junk that will have bugs and other problems, if not immediately then eventually.
It was supposed to be sent back last february 21st, and it is supposed to come in 15 days. However they sent it back through the cheapest mail service.... so I'm praying it won't be stolen when arrives to my country (cheap services have this issue sometimes here).

It's called Scipad, but believe me, you hardly find info about them online.

I've learnt something, it's easier and faster to buy another one..... then copy the software and fix it yourself Razz
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