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want to learn French and Portuguese

I want to learn french and Portuguese is any body help me.

or please provide any good source to learn these languages.
The best way to learn it, is by going to classes or by staying in the country where they speak the language. I would suggest learning the basics and learning a few thousands words (it seems much but it really isn't) that are used in everyday life. Then visiting the country for two or three weeks while 'trying' to make conversations in restaurants, pubs, stores (grocery,...) to learn to use the vocabulary + grammar that you have learnt.

If you do it this way, you will not only be able to write and understand sentences but also speaking it with a good accent. Smile (Take for example myself: I learnt english and french at school, I can speak fluently french in normal life as I speak it sometimes when I'm in Brussels but I can't really speak English fluently because I rarely speak to english people but I do know how to write it, I have vocabulary etc.)

Rosetta Stone! I used it to learn a bit of italian and it was very helpful. But really, the best way to learn a language is IMMERSION!!. If you can, it'd be great for you to visit countries where the languages are used and surround yourself with people/community where these languages are used. However, if you don't really have the ability or resources to do that at the moment, then at least try to immerse yourself in it in other aspects:

Use Rosetta Stone at your computer as much as you can. Get those dual language dictionaries and just look up random words to build your vocabulary. Look online for any books about learning the language and workbooks that correspond to the textbooks. Get podcasts/CDs (the kind that teach you a language) for when you are in your car or away from home and can listen to a podcast/mp3. If you can, watch movies or TV shows in the language that you are trying to learn. Also, read books in these languages (it's OK if you start with children's books!). It especially helps if you can find translated versions of books that you've already read in English or whatever your native language is. It's a lot of work to immerse yourself in languages this much but it'll really help.
If you have a French Embassy or Consulate General in your neck of the woods, they usually offer special classes. And it can be free as well. So that is where I would start if I were you. I find it always easier to learn languages in a class room setting and they usually offer really good classes, sometimes in conjunction with a world wide organization called Alliance Francais. If there is no French Embassy or Consultate General, I would check for an Alliance Francais around you.

Ditto Portuguese.

I would learn one language at a time however!

Ms. Dixie is right. Best way to get to the language is total immersion, but getting the basic grammar and pronunciation right first, by attending classes, such as the ones offered by the Embassies, would help a lot.
One of the good places that I have used to help me learn Spanish is, they offer a lot of languages as well as being a great place for you to connect with people that live in those countries and speak the language. It used to all be free but as every website changes I am not sure how much is free anymore. I am sure they have some free stuff still.
Great tip Ghost900. Looks like a really good Website. Think I will try it myself. Very Happy
I have visited the site, it is a good resource for learning for languages but unfortunately it is not free rather i still using its trial.
You can learn the language you want if you try it hard. English is not my first language, and I didn't go to English school, however I learned it by reading English tabloids (The Sun and The Observer in particular), I also watched TV programs in English, thousands of Holywood movies and I've read millions of English books and blogs.

Then I found a job at UNDP and I started to speak in English to people from England, United States, Australia, South Africa and many other people speaking in English with weird French and Spanish accents.

Now, I can confidently upset many native guys by delivering a better English. Laughing
rjraaz wrote:
I have visited the site, it is a good resource for learning for languages but unfortunately it is not free rather i still using its trial.

Ya. I haven't been to the site in some time. They began as a free site to get there user counts up and they slowly added things that cost money. It was a great place but maybe there is another site like it.

EDIT: I just logged in and I can do all the basic course work since I graded other peoples work. If you want to use the site for free you can help grade people that write small sentences in your native language and then you can use the all the basic courses which will give you a good start. I am not sure how it works for new users though.
Yes...!! I want to..

So,shall we start ?
I learned French on this website
It's not very expensive and you learn very quickly.
The lessons are very well organized, there are exercises, grammar is explained very well and you have an evaluation at the end of each chapter.
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