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oral and dental health

Dental health of plants useful for

All kinds of treatment for the disease, type one or more plants are located, offers many alternatives for the health of the mouth and teeth. Here is a useful herbal solutions for those who want to protect the health of the mouth and teeth ...
Lemon, prevents bleeding gums chewed.

Sage, brought into a powder used for cleaning teeth.

Teeth strong, white does.

Raspberry flower in warm water bath to boiling, is good for inflammation of the gums.

Blackberry boiled in water, this water çalkalanýrsa mouth, mouth ulcers and inflammation of the gums is good.

Chewed blackberry leaves, stops bleeding gums.

Walnut root, tooth pain relief is achieved in a liquid.

Article fluoride found in tea, prevents tooth decay.

Frank grape (boiled) mouthwash is made with boiling water leaving from the liquid, mouth sores, bleeding gums disappear.

Buckwheat, extremely rich in nutritional value and is a provider of high-calorie herbal product.

There is fluoride in preventing tooth decay.

Cumin seeds, chewed in the mouth, strengthens the gums.

Carrot, gums strong.

Clove oil derived from wood, have the effect of preventing tooth decay.

Parsley is effective in dental pain.
the best way is to use the brush well, and there are ways of doing this.
the brittle of the brush need to reach between the teeth and gum.
i believe in good tooth paste and brush and there you1
Wow dental
thank you Smile Smile
It is a good habit to wash the mouth after any type of eatings. Often foods like chocolates and sweets keep their residues on teeth and gum. If not properly washed, they form the bacteria and performs cavity on the teeth.The result is to visit the dentist and uprooting the teeth prematurely.
Only the person who suffered the teeth/gum pain, knows how it feels.So better take precaution before it is too late.
Dental care, must brush your teeth 2 times and also you you use baking soda for brush and also mix lemon drop in toothpaste this way your teeth be white and also after 2 or 3 month dental check-up.
It's important to take care of mouth and teeth starting in childhood. If WE don't, WE could have problems with our teeth and gums - like cavities or even tooth loss.

Here's how to keep mouth and teeth healthy:

Brush teeth every day with a fluoride toothpaste
Floss teeth every day
Snack smart – limit sugary snacks
Don't smoke or chew tobacco
See your dentist regularly
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