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Van Cat

Van Cat
Cats Turkish Van cats are talking about is one of the first species that comes to mind: proximity to Cana, white, silky fur, lion walks, long and fluffy tail of a fox-like tail, with different eye colors, and fondness for water. Van Cat, melezleşmeyen over the world, able to preserve the purity of living beings is one. This feature her, and star of the cat world, as well as other creatures make.

Unknown exactly when and how you came to Anatolia, Van cats, as in other organisms, the conditions of the region invented the foot. The Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey's highest mountains, with high temperature differences can easily keep up with the Van cats fur. Covered with snow for at least 6 months per year in this region while maintaining the long feathers of snow and cold in the summer because of multiple feathers by pouring heated air temperate climate of Lake Van ensure compliance. However, there is widespread belief that a wrong, it is also due to the thick fur üşümediğidir Van cats. However, the cats, although affected by the cold üşürler thick fur.

An interesting feature of the Van cats are separated from other cats. These cats love water and swim a lot. If the water is going right, it is not by necessity, only zevktendir. Van cats love to swim in warm and shallow waters, especially in homes or in the bathroom faucet dripping water, paw score accompanies you.

One of the characteristics of Van cats two renkliliktir feathers. In fact, a characteristic feature of these two known as chrominance. The different colors around the ears and tail of the body to be located in two different regions. Very rarely, the body can be seen.

Van Cat thick pelt, feathers, the normal length. Write to exchange experiences with other cats, such as hair and feathers in that period is reduced. In winter, a snow white color, and the ball becomes old again. This sometimes find it difficult to have some long queues so that to put their heads on the arms, are beneath their tails. Van cats, iricedir a little more than the other species. The average body weight of 3.5 kg in males, while females 2.8kg. happens. Their bodies are long and muscular structure, and the bones of a large.

Huge, with large pink ears Van cats. Roundness towards the bottom of the ears stand out. Sometimes one or two black spots between the two ears can be seen in offspring. Van cats sanılsa deafness is common in cats, this is a feature of Ankara. Van cats, only one eye and blue-eyed cats are only 2-3% of deafness.

Van cats eyes, and due to the hairs often mixed with Angora cat. Van cats both eyes blue, amber or both eyes, one eye blue and the other three types of color may be amber. Blue color, while the property is always blue turquoise, amber can be seen in different shades. Blue-eyed cats, blue eyed short, velvet, fur and blue-eyed long silky fur furred cats.

Van cats, newborn babies greyish in color. 25 days after birth the eye color or eye color starts to change, and 40 days after the clear.

Van cats every year in February, March or June period of months of frustration in one of the enter. This period lasts about 10 days. Pregnant if they stay in heat in the same year show a more resentment. Gestational period was 62 days. After the first month of pregnancy, the abdomen begins to swell and since that time no one touch her belly. Van cats like other cats prefer to give birth away from the eyes, from the first month in the desert and the darkness starts to search for. Van cats give birth to a litter of four kittens.

Among offspring of Van cats usually have two ears - are seen as two black dots. Most of the kittens having two black points are single-color eyes. And these black spots, almost one-eye cat seal. However, the black spots disappear within a month or two after birth. And sometimes they may have black hairs varying between 8-30.

Cats adopt a sahipten a lot of space. Own a cat shelter to foreign domination are often established in areas impossible. Outdoor cats değiştirmekteki stubbornness, Van cats more visible. Cats do not like the old house to a new location or return to work alışamıyor. In fact, trying to return to his house for miles traveled have heard of cats. Van cats difference olabilmeleridir adapted to this new living places in 20-30 days.

Van cats, much like love being in the same way and respond to the love shown to him. Especially during pregnancy increases the need of love. Those who love him out of his lap, gently caressing his hands before the show, love bites are then licking and humming. To show gratitude before eating dinner when the legs veins creep. When you need toilet, the front of the door going to open the door miyavlayarak wants, decides to tackle it yourself if you do not have opened the door and the door opens the door by pulling his arm reached out.

Van cats in order to communicate among themselves and the people who produce some voices. The voices indicate their emotions related. Their meowing has some varieties. Relationships with people in this part of meow, kittens or a portion of the communication is a form of sexual activity. The sounds generated according to the needs of different intensity and frequency. Van cats miyavlayarak loudly when the owner to show their happiness in the morning. Going hungry, the kitchen door, to indicate that hungry meow.

Differences in Ankara cat
Van cats in other species with the Angora cat very much mixed. However, there are a lot different from the two species distinct. Some of these are:
Van cats and amber eyes, almond-shaped eyes, round structure rengindeyken Ankara, cats and blue-yellow color.
Van cats more rounded face, pointed cats in Ankara.
Van cats are the head and tail part of the yellow spots, usually white Angora cat.
Van cats and cat hair is shorter than in Ankara.
van cat eye is fantastic

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