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Brute force/Dictionary attack software for windows programs.

Well i've asked if i could post this, so here it goes:

The story!

My friends asked me to take a look in a software he brought a few years back, he lent me a DVD the thing is so cheap the cover came with an sticker on it with a "Serial" printed on - the serial is actually a password on the Installshield Program (it's not even formated as a serial).

The software is just a suite of source codes and the company doesn't exist anymore (at least at the website the dvd mention)...

well, i was just out of the shower and i came back to my bedroom, i seen a IM and quickly leaned towards the keyboard to answer the person, then i noticed that my hair was still dripping water and a few drops hit the freaking password... it's only important to me to recover this password because the guy paid for it and i want to return the DVD intact, since he might actually be able to use something inside the dvd.

The Password

but it gets better, I didn't lose the whole password, i was able to quickly take note of most the letters, so it should be easy to generate a list of passwords and make a dictionary attack, lets take a look at the recovered part ( - are missing)



Position 1: is most likely to be a number, but it might be a letter so lets say it's alphanumeric
Position 2: is likely to be a 8 or a B, but i'm only sure its letter so lets say it's alphanumeric
Position 3: are likely to be a ,,*,, `, ,^,~,' or " - which are "top space" symbols found in my keyboard
Position 4: are likely to be a , , . , ; , - or _ - which are "bottom space" symbols found in my keyboard

remember i'm brazilian so i use an ABNT2 keyboard, some simbols might look weird, but since the company who made the install is brazilian too it's possible.

it narrows it down pretty much right?

The Problem

Well, i can find efficent software to guess passwords for ftp, make rainbow table attacks , bruteforce on windows passwords, on pwd filnes, bruteforce RARs , etc...

What i cant find is a software that allows me to take a list of passwords and test it agains any arbitry field on any windows program. Basically i want a program that will allow me to take a list of possible passwords, point to a password field, and test each password in that list against that field in that program efficently

I've even tryied using autoit, i wrote the script and took a list of password, but since autoit is a macro tool its just unbeliavably slow for the task.

can anybody help?
i think you have explain it good enough. maybe you can just tell us your problem and let any moderator decide to delete your post or not.
Edited the post so now i have a full explanation, hope any of you guys may help
If the password/serial was once used to install the program (and it's still installed) you can probably still find it on the computer, probably in the registry.

If it isn't, then it's going to be a lot harder. Instead of using a program to try to put all the combinations into the field, I would rather find out how it is being accepted (which algorithm, ...) and try a program with all the possible inputs against that algorithm. In my opinion it would take way too long to let it input a password in a form and maybe there might even be a limit to the number of tries allowed.

maybe there might even be a limit to the number of tries allowed.

i'm quite sure there's no limitations placed, the installation software is rather old and rought, i've misstyped this code a lot when i typed in the first few times.

the problem is really that its really difficult to put the code on the field and test with the passwords automatically on a win32 aplication, its really slow - 1 password a second average
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