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Change Your Windows 7 Login Screen Pic

Hey friends here is a way to change your login screen image for Windows 7. Check out the link below:

By the way I have one more question to the experts out here in this regard..

I had changed the login screen of my Windows 7 office PC using this tweak and till last wednesday I was using a normal Samsung 17 inch CRT monitor for the PC and everything was working fine. Then on Thursday I had changed my monitor to a new Lenovo Thinkvision 18.5 Wide screen LCD monitor. After changing the monitor when i switched on the monitor the image at the login screen was the same as I changed but after a restart the login screen changed to the default blue login screen of Windows 7..

And also the value at


changed to 0 automatically from 1. So then I tried changing it to 1 and after the next system lock or log off the value is changed and the default screen appears..

How can I fix this..??
i just use TweakNow. no need to mess with registry.
badai wrote:
i just use TweakNow. no need to mess with registry.

Yeah I have seen many softwares like this, like Tweaknow (as you said), PC Optimizer and so on.Even I would have used them..But the reasons that prevented me from using them are:

1. Many of my friends had had bad experiences by using these softwares and resulted in system crash.
2. The installation of this software leads to the consumption of much of the startup resources and finally turns to a comparatively low bootup (for a fraction of seconds).

So I thought it would be better to use this tweak instead of going for other third party softwares..
ah.. i think we are talking about changing wallpaper?
badai wrote:
ah.. i think we are talking about changing wallpaper?

What..?? Its not about wallpaper..Its the Windows 7 login screen like below:

I am asking about changing this..
yes, the wallpaper of the login screen.

it's safer to use tweaknow (to change the wallpaper of the login screen, not fixing anything) rather than using regedit to directly edit your registry. and it's easier too.

i assume you try to move the discussion from changing the wallpaper of the login screen when you mention PC Optimizer too. that is why i try to steer you back to the topic.

yes, those tweak software can screw up your system when you try to use them to optimize your system with it, but using a predefine module to change that one registry entry that they (the author of the software) already know, i don't think that will harm your computer, unless the author really, really dumb.

btw, have you come across any tools that can help you change desktop wallpaper? duh...
badai wrote:
btw, have you come across any tools that can help you change desktop wallpaper? duh...

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