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GIMP is Better

GIMP is better for me, because you can do transparent images easier i think thats the website
tientavu123 wrote:
GIMP is better for me, because you can do transparent images easier i think thats the website

you mean
tientavu123 wrote:
GIMP is better for me, because you can do transparent images easier i think thats the website

Better than...?
I tried several software, from Gimp to Picasa, but nothing beats is worth all the money!
I think it all depends on what you use it for. If you do a lot of image editing, then Photoshop is probably worth the investment. However, if you don't edit a lot, then Gimp works just fine.
I like these software that don't require much space on computer to install and it does job with simplicity.
Never got on with GIMP and it's messy interface. I prefer Photoshop, and use Paint.NET on PCs that I don't have a photoshop licence for.
If you are talking about free softwares,of course gimp is the best.
It all depends what your need is. If you really want to do professional grade stuff nothing beats Photoshop. For a hobbyist GIMP is excellent.
I say thins even being a big open source enthusiast
Id say gimp is the best free image tool out there, but if you can purchase photoshop, then go for it, but its kinda bloated
Gimp is nice, for a free software, but yeah... it doesn't have a great interface like photoshop does.
I think it just takes getting used to, I would guess.

I used it a little, but didn't get too familiar with it. sounds nice, and it is free as well. Will have to check that out.
Photoshop is the best ofc. Smile
Gimp sux.
If i would choose to pay for photoshop or use gimp, i would definiatily buy photoshop.
beccause in gimp, adding maskes(using the cutting tool or w.e its named. well that tool suckass)

but the masktool or whatever it is named, everything is soo smooth, and its much easier than gimp.

so yeh, gimp sucks if you compare it with Photoshop cs5 and such ;/
I used gimp then went to photoshop and haven't went back, I still need to uninstall GIMP..... gonna do that now...

NOTE: choosing not to use GIMP is a personal choice.
I am really happy with gimp. However it took at first some initial training to get the flow. I have to admit that I have never used photoshop so I cannot say which one is better. Gimp is free so I have not really an motivation to test Photoshop. I For fast editing I still use sometimes the good old Paint.
GIMP is a great open source art tool that can compare to that of photoshop. The only problem with GIMP is that I can't do nearly half of the stuff that I want to do, but I can do it on Photoshop. Which makes it a better tool in my book even though you have to pay for it. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for."
I think you need to actually state what you think it's better than. Because if you mean Photoshop then all I can say to that is you're doing it wrong. It is very, very easy to create images with transparency in Photoshop.
I am no graphics professional, but like probably most of you, I do need to edit photographs from time to time. I used Adobe Photoshop before since it is the most widely used picture manipulating program. But when I started using Linux, things changed.
In linux, GIMP
In Windows, Photoshop
In Mac, Photoshop
I do enjoy GIMP and it's an amazing software to use if you can't afford photoshop, but overall photoshop takes the lead on all art software. It has hundreds of more features than GIMP has. You can do much more with Photoshop then you would with GIMP. This is coming from an experienced graphic designer who has explored tons of art programs.
Photoshop, for the win. The sheer freedom is astounding. Photoshop + a tablet... ye gads.
Unfortunately Adobe charges ridiculous prices for it. Good thing that college computer labs typically run some version of it.
welshsteve wrote:
Never got on with GIMP and it's messy interface

I agree. What was with the weird three seperate windows?
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