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Frihosted webmail auto-junked by hotmail, anyone know a fix?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to stop mail I send from the Frihost (cPanel) webmail service being considered as junk by live/hotmail.

My domains are hosted elsewhere but the nameservers point to Frihost and I use the roundcube webmail service. All emails I send to my hotmail as a test are going straight into the junk folder so I would be grateful if anyone knows of a way to stop this happening? Perhaps there are some settings I should change first?

Any thoughts/help will be very much appreciated Smile

***Edit*** Got the same problem using Horde & SquirrelMail as well, really stumped now.

***Edit*** Not desperate for help anymore as I've signed up for Gmails service and use their mail servers for sending/recieving mail for my domains. Would be nice to know a fix though to keep everything with Frihost instead.
Here's some info from Microsoft on the topic:
Thanks Cat, I've already been there before making this help request post though. What concerns me is that any 'fix' through contacting MSN won't fix similar potential problems with other providers such as Yahoo etc.
I'm convinced it's something at my (Frihost) end so that's where I should concentrate on finding out what I have (or haven't) done that I should/shouldn't have.

So far I've fiddled with the SPF settings multiple times to see if I needed to add 'allowed' servers/domains in the Email Authentication section at cPanel. I've sent an email every time I've made a change but so far no positive result - everything is still going to 'junk'.

I have to admit I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to issues with the technical details of email especially, but I am reading much info now to try correct this. I'm really hoping it's something 'simple' to another user here and someone will say ' oh, you obviously haven't done x or y first, do that and it should work straight away'. I'm continuing the trial and error approach anyway (as I have for a while before shouting help now) but perhaps someone else had a similar issue and they know the 'fix' ?
Please tell us when you find the solution. But I doubt that you can change it.

I had the same problem before, but I didn't use it for anything serious.
I guess that you already know that gmail handles the frihost mails like normal?
But that won't help you anyway...
I've decided to use Gmail instead and changed all the MX records etc, it's working brilliant sending & receiving mail from my domain, with nothing going in junk/spam.

I didn't really want to use them to be honest as I would have preferred to have kept it all through Frihost, instead of the multinational corporate animal that is Google, but hey, needs must.

If anyone does have an idea how to fix the problem with Roundcube etc I'd still be interested to hear though.

Cheers Smile
May be you can try creating filters or labels or something like that. Through that you can redirect your emails to some particular folder or label. This would make the things much simpler and easy to access.
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