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idk what to do about my fiance/ bf idk anymore

so me&this guy been goin out for almost two years & to alot of people it seems like that not very long time to get enganged but we was friends b4 that & im so in love with him but he broken up with me twice b4 & now were together now for 5 mnths now & idk he gets so mad for no reason sometimes & im currently staying with him for awhile .. but he never has anything nice to say me only every once in blue moon .. buy its worse wen he aroun dfriends or family he acts like a complete dick to me... i feel like idk if i wanna b wit him but i cant picture myself without him . he amazing depsite the days were i feel like evberything is more imp then i am .. idk what i shuld do
Perhaps you need to focus away from him for a while, and make some different friends. If you stay too long with him, his lack of respect may become your own lack of respect. In other words, you may start to believe that you deserve to be treated with lack of respect, and that can't be good for your self-esteem. I think everyone deserves to be treated with respect, but in order to be treated with respect we have to respect ourselves first.
Good answer Dean, I agree.
but he never has anything nice to say me only every once in blue moon .. buy its worse wen he aroun dfriends or family he acts like a complete dick to me

That doesn't sound a good start at all to me, would you really want that for the rest of your life?
If you've been together for 2 years now what is likely to change for the better, his behaviour? ...or will you end up just being submissive and change yourself simply to please him? I couldn't see that working in the long term, sorry. I'd tell him I don't like his behaviour and there a far nicer people in the world I can find apart from him, an ultimatum if you like - remember, you don't need anyone, and if they make you feel like that it's a sign of being controlled.
He's not all that into you - I'm sorry to say. But, now is a good time to organize yourself and figure out what you can stand for, and what you really NEED - because YOU are the most important person in your life, and you deserve better.
I think why you feel bad when separated from him is due to some kind of loss overreaction - a defence mechanism in your brain to prevent you from losing anything. So, you can think of him as cocaine-- you knows its bad for you but you have become addict to it!
You should ask yourself why you are still with him if he treats you like that, perhaps he is just there for something you give him, an abusive relationship can always drain you like you are some kind of target or means to an end, but not because he cares.
Sounds to me like you care for him far more than he cares for you. Time to move on and find yourself and maybe someone else. You feel bad when separated most likely because you don't want to be alone.
Sounds like his aggression has already started to escalate. Odds are it will continue to escalate.

Is it just verbal abuse so far?
Has he started breaking stuff yet?
Has he pushed, shoved or hit you yet?

What ever you do don't get pregnant thinking that will fix things.
Am i the only one who had to google idk? Smile
truespeed wrote:
Am i the only one who had to google idk? Smile
I didn't pay attention to it until you mentioned this, then had to look it up. Just learned something new .... Very Happy
"What does IDK mean?"
"I don't know."
"Omg, nobody knows!"

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