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Tunisia Youth Revolution? Start of a global trend?

I wonder whether the Revolution in Tunisia of 14 January, when they chased their President out of the country, could just be the beginning of revolutions all over the world? Essentially young people had been fed up with the way the country had been run by their President, who obviously had been completely out of touch with his people. Don't we have the same situation in the US for example, where your Republican and Democrat supporters are mostly in the older age groups, and those in their thirties and younger have lost interest in the Government. For that matter, this situation seems to be prevalent all over the world. Revolutions are known to spread like wildfire, as they had with the European revolutions of 1848 for example. So do you think there is a chance that this could be the start of something similar?

I wonder whether Sudan will be the next country to follow in the footsteps of Tunisia. The Sudanese have hated their President for years and years.

Source: Newsweek
Hard to say, but I think maybe the age factor is being read into too much. Younger generations generally oppose the status quo more than older generations, because the younger generations have less to lose and are generally in a mental state that is more open to changes. I'd say this has been the case for quite some time. In other words, I don't think it's anything new or unique to the present. Younger people, I would argue, generally have more Utopian approaches to things -- sometimes unrealistic, certainly, but such is the process of "growing up."
The point I was trying to make is that Governments may have become such a system in their own right, that they are not in touch with all of the citizens. For example in the US those in their thirties and younger cannot relate to the representatives of Government. They can't identify themselves with Government.
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